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Yin Fire Pig Month - November 2020

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of November is ruled by the yin fire pig. These two elements are in clash; however, as these elements are subtle (yin), the result is introspection.

The Pig is an animal that stays close to the earth, moves deep into the mud to uncover the treasures of food and nutrients to consume. This is a month to move deep within to uncover the nutrients and nourishment that comes from higher self. When we choose to live from authentic self, we are able to discern what is illusion and what is reality. Turn down the noise and tune out the media. Get centered, root down and live your life with an attitude of gratitude and grace.

The Pig has a major element of water with a minor element of wood. These combined elements suggest a time to turn inward and downward into humanities roots and honor the beginning of all things. Wood is an element that informs growth. Therefore, as you root down and discover your true identity, and that of humanity, you will rise up into grace. This is the underlying theme for this month. Collectively, we must stop chasing power and start focusing on Divine guidance. This type of focus will show us "The Way."

We are in the first year of a new 60 year cycle according to this system of Chinese Astrology. This is another indicator the time is ripe to begin over again. To set the "collective" mind straight, seeing with clarity and recognizing truth over illusion. Don't buy into the media's agenda. It does not align with our spirit and therefore will not be sustainable.

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