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"Clarity, purpose, strength and action. This is what I believe yoga reveals in us all,"

MJ Kasliner.

Yoga Practices

Clarity, purpose, strength and action. This is what I believe yoga reveals in us all.

Yin/Yang Fusion

The Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang describe two qualities present in everything; from our food and our bodies, to the seasons and the world around us. This class combines dynamic, strengthening poses that build on yang tissues in the body for building strength and opening your awareness to co-create with the divine aspects of your being. The secondary aspect of this class incorporates a series of soothing and grounding poses that turn off the overdrive switch in the mind and body. The end result is a balance between the yin and yang aspects of the mind and body to reach a level of “sattva” or comfort and harmony.  

Vinyasa Flow

This yoga style is known for its dynamic, meditative and creative sequences. MJ has a way of weaving mythical wisdom and seasonal inspiration into each pose so the student can explore the subtle stillness within motion, strength within ease and wisdom within action. The mind naturally quiets as the breath is linked with movement inviting a feeling to “let go” and discover what lies within.

Codes of Creation in Movement®

Invented by Mary Jane Kasliner, Codes of Creation in Movement® is a unique practice that explores the Yoganometry© sequence that energetically has a way to invoke the geometric codes of creation. This powerful set sequence propels the student into electromagnetic streams of higher dimensional consciousness. Here, the yogi can explore the vibrational relationship between yoga, heaven and earth while being inspired by their own divine consciousness.

Healing Sounds Yin Yoga

This class is designed at a slower pace with longer held postures to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation. The combination of specific sequenced postures stimulates the meridians (energy channels) in the body to improve organ functionality. The added healing sounds through the use of Koshi chime, Hapi drum and gentle music improves function to the energy body by increasing your overall vibration frequency. Yin is the perfect complement to other forms of yoga and exercise that are more rigorous, involving mostly muscular engagement. MJ encourages the yogi to fully surrender to self-awareness. This leads to consciousness, the proper awareness outside of one's true self.

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