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Astrology connects us to the universe—to the whole—and with the larger, Divine cycles. 

Astrology can bring to light what lies at the heart of you — what your life’s purpose or work is about, not simply how you choose to earn a living.

It can act as a powerful tool in the manifesting process that can provide a feedback loop between our hopes, dreams, and intentions and those taking shape and having form within the physical domain.

Consulting Preferences

9 Star Ki Astrology
  • This is a great place to start with an astrology assessment. Based on a method known as 9 Star Ki, it works with the forces and patterns of nature through a nine-year cycle of time, giving rise to the nine different personality archetypes represented by the numbers 1-9.  Your Nature Profile includes a narrative of your tendencies, skills, possible occupations, personal and professional relationships, spiritual matters, how to support positive life aspects and work with potential challenges. Also included are your best directions for health, prosperity, and longevity. 

*Cost: $29.99

*Fee includes written report. Additional fee for scheduled Q/A session.

Career Focused : 4 Pillars Method
  • This report takes a deep dive into your career. The analysis looks at the interacting energy points between key pillars that will navigate you in the right direction. This includes understanding your soul's mission, how you will serve others, specific strategies to reach your goals, and how to work through challenges that arise. This is a perfect report for anyone who is struggling with career or simply would like to know the best choices to make.

*Cost: $250

*Fee includes written report. Additional fee for scheduled Q/A session.

Annual Strategy : 4 Pillars Method
  • This assessment is a customized report detailing how your personal energy will react to the incoming energy for the New Year. This includes personal strategies for finances, health, and other life experiences. It also includes key Feng Shui dynamics that will impact your environment and how to work with these energy points.

*Cost: $275 

*Fee includes written report. Additional fee for scheduled Q/A session.

Life Assessment : 4 Pillars Method
  • 4 Pillars Astrology Life Assessment - This includes a 25 page report detailing various aspects of your life including life purpose, career/business, family interactions, personality traits, relationship, community, karmic lessons, interacting energy through life pillars including 10 - year cycles, and annual influences.

*Cost: $425

*Fee includes written report analysis. Additional fee for scheduled Q/A session.

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