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Codes of Creation Mastermind System

Unravel the Secrets of  the Quantum Field
Live Abundantly!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Imagine if you had the right codes to unravel the Secrets of the Quantum Energy Layer. What would your life look like?  

It took me nearly 20 years to unravel these secrets and create a system that is life altering. I've been through some things in life that forced me to move beyond the mediocre life I was living to an extraordinary life. In the process, I grew spiritually and began to assist others on their road of transformation.  


My Codes of Creation Mastermind System crosses through the invisible and formless field that mananges the physical world and every part of you, including your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, your environment, and of course your physical body. 



We all have access to this energy field where Creation occurs. Are You Ready to Live Your Life with Divine Purpose? Are you ready to tap into this energy field layer and live abundantly?


What's Inside?


Access to my proprietary Codes of Creation Mastermind System to transform your life by utilizing the lessons in:

I. Way of Thinking - The 3 Powerful Parts of the Mind

II. Mothering Intelligence System - Attracting RIght Relationships

III. Gateway to Life Method - Your Earthly Journey

IV. Waves of Transformation - Soul's Mission Uncovered

V. The Vital Center - The Unity Point Where All Things Revolve

VI. Connection to Your Soul - Beyond Space and Time

AND...ME, Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui Master for 20 years, Yoga Teacher for 15 years, Published author of 9 books and 16 Feng Shui training programs, and Registered Trademark owner and creator of Codes of Creation in Movement high frequency yoga through science.

Every student has lifetime access to the Codes of Creation Mastermind Video Module System! Yes, that's right, lifetime access to over 60 videos! 


Utilizing the Codes of Creation Mastermind System you will move beyond your limiting beliefs so you can live abundantly. Your spirit will be fully hydrated so you can live your life on purpose through the 7-faces of intention expressed through the nature of all things  or original consciousness.  It is time to impact the world by focusing on YOU first so that you can help the many.  

Remember...There's no turning back once you start the energy moving in the direction of your intented life.

Here's to your overwhelming success,

Mary Jane


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Learn More about the Codes of Creation Mastermind System through MJ's FREE Masterclass!

Imagine having the keys to unlock the language of the universe to co-create your world, your way! Mary Jane provides the insight and tools to make your life work better for you! Take this FREE master class before diving into the Codes of Creation Mastermind System.

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