Codes of Creation

Keys to Unlock Your Inner Power

with Mary Jane Kasliner

Tap into the Codes of Creation and unlock your inner power. Codes of Creation is based on the laws of nature, sacred geometry and a high frequency yoga practice known as Codes of Creation in Movement® - The Yoganometry Sequence.  You will begin your journey exploring the seven powerful manifestations of nature - a journal process guided through Mary Jane's third book: Mother Nature a Bridge to Conscious Living. The student will learn what aspects of nature align to the sacred geometry of the five platonic solids, the basis of our universe that holds all the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of the Universal Mind. Here, the student will learn how to navigate through these geometric forms with specific asanas, meditation, chakra embedding, and balancing the external environment through feng shui principles to achieve a higher frequency vibration. The Codes of Creation program acts as a means to release the bonds of third dimensional reality and deliver you to your highest potential. 

Codes of Creation Training Program Teaser 

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