Feng Shui Training

MJ’s School for Feng Shui has provided feng shui certification since 2005.

Feng Shui is about helping people and it’s evident that today we are all looking for help. The structures we live in have a tremendous impact on how we transform as living beings on this earthly plane. Very few buildings, other than places of worship, have that ability. A home is a subtle, implicit laboratory of spirit. It is here where our minds open to discover others and how we come to know oneself. The effectiveness of Feng Shui is understanding the workings of nature and the sacred geometry found within it, balancing of energy (Qi), and to create harmony in every environment you touch.

Home Study Feng Shui Certification


MJ guides her students on a journey through time encompassing the ancient classical feng shui practices and detailed techniques on how to apply them to modern day issues, structures and land form. She encourages her students to infuse their own special talents to ultimately create their own signature consulting approach with clients. MJ believes this is how we can collectively help society to enjoy a life well-lived that is filled with health, prosperity, gratitude, and conscious awareness.