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February - The Month to be Bold!

The Month to be Bold

February is the month of the Tiger. This powerful animal is bold and in full control of its domain. The main reason why the Tiger is in control is because of its daily walking meditation. Engaging in such practice diminishes the mind chatter and brings forth clarity making it obvious as to what the next successive steps should be on your journey.

It is important this month to connect to your inner vision, remain strong, persistent, and bold so you are able to meet challenges head on. This is a powerful formula to navigate your present situation.

The Tiger chooses which pursuits to expend its energy. Therefore, it behooves you this month not to waste your efforts on things that are not showing a positive return. Think about the Tiger's wisdom and look for better opportunities. At the same time, be patient, optimistic, and use methods that have worked for you in the past. It's important to remove distractions this month and allow things to unfold at their own pace, even if that pace is much slower than you would like.

The Tiger consists of three charged elements (Wood, Fire and Earth). The loshu map this month represents the number 5 corresponding to the center. The center is the driving force for all things in the universe, including the earth and the human body. In other words, all things are influenced by the center. It is considered a reflection point; hence why daily walking meditations are important.

Let's take a look at how the elements play out this month and how you can benefit from them.

Earth: (LoShu Map and Hidden Tiger Element)

  • Remain grounded and centered

  • Make sure your basic needs are met

  • Spend time outdoors