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High Energy Points - December 2020

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Overall, December contains water's mystical, reflective, meditative and flowing qualities. This is represented by the Rat earthly branch that is located on the north cardinal point. Therefore, it is important to maintain an open and flowing feeling throughout your home. Let's take a look at a few key areas that have excellent energy for this month and how to capitalize on them.

Rich Resources:

Examine your rooms located in the northwest portent of your home. Incorporate earth and metal elements to strengthen and support this direction. For this month, add bright lighting, a moving water feature such as a fountain, and a quartz crystal. These are excellent elements to activate this resource energy.

Future Wealth:

In 2024, a new 20 year cycle of energy begins. This cycle will be represented by the lo shu number 9, or wealth and rich resources. Locate your rooms positioned in the west. Make sure they are in good order and supported with earth and metal accents. For this month, add virtual water and a thriving plant such as Ivy. Make sure you take time to be specific with your goals and vision for the future.

Career Opportunities:

If your career seems to be stagnating, then take the opportunity this month to activate the northeast sector of your home. Take notice of the rooms located in this direction. First, they should be supported with fire and earth elements for harmony. To capitalize on career this month, place metal element accent pieces and take time to meditate/contemplate what your next move will be when it comes to career advancement. Write down whatever comes up during your meditation practice.


How can you make a difference this month for others? There is a calling to reach out to your inner circle and beyond. This may come in the form of simply changing your mindset. In doing so, there are endless possibilities that arise. This is a powerful "white star" energy that resides in the southeast this month. Check your rooms in this direction and make certain they are supported naturally with water and wood elements. Then, add fire and earth accents to capitalize on the fortuitous energy here for this month.

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