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Become the "Enjoyer"

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Let Go of Perfection, Ease Desperation of the Mind & Become the Enjoyer

June represents the Horse archetype symbolizing power, confidence, intention and magnificent freedom. There is an invitation this month to explore your spiritual side and connect with the highest version of yourself so you are confident through any storm. The Horse is the legendary competitor shining through to be victorious.

The Horse is also the embodiment of desire and will of one’s life. Will and desire can be trigger points that can sabotage your efforts to attain the higher divine characteristics necessary to experience true freedom and become the "Enjoyer.”

In the Vedic text known as the Upanishads, the horses that pull the chariot have deeper meaning. First, the chariot is the analogy for the human soul and the horses are the representation of the senses, and the reins become the mind.

The chariot symbolizes man’s journey or quest for higher meaning. In the Katha Upanishad, chapter 3, there is a statement: “Know the self as a rider of the chariot, and the body as simply the chariot.” Know the intellect (or soul) as the charioteer, and the mind (emotions) as simply the reins.

The senses they say are the horses, and sense the objects in the path around them. The mind ( emotions) act as the reins that steer the horse. If the mind is overactive distracted by all the objects around, then we veer off our spiritual path. The idea is to let go of all the objects, perfection, and desperation of the mind so you can stay the course and become the "Enjoyer" and experience total freedom (Mukta).

Let's see what else the month of June holds for us.

Energy Patterns:

June represents the archetype animal of the Horse and the loshu 1 (trigram Kan) pertaining to the practice of feng shui. Held within the Horse, are the elements of yin fire and yin earth. The trigram Kan is associated with the element of water. Therefore, the month of June will present with a combination of energy to take into consideration.

Here are the energetic qualities you can refer to when navigating your personal and professional life this month:

· Emotional

· Intellectual stimulation

· Building trust

· Observant of others needs

· Detailed oriented

· Factual

· Rash decisions

· Resourceful

· Nurturing

· Enhanced perspective

· Good instincts

· Adaptable

· Good business acumen

· Easily see the big picture

· Need of boundaries

· Nobility

· Pride

· Transcendent freedom

· Independence

· Travel across time and space

· Epic power of mind, body, and spirit

· Trusting relationships

· Service to others and self

It is important to avoid constraints and be open to new possibilities by tapping into the unknown. Investigate resources, stick with instincts, and let go of ego-driven approach to situations that arise.

This is a month to set out for adventure, power, friendships, and family. When you face a hurdle, the energy of the horse will assist you through it. This may require moving in a new direction, but it is well worth it.

Regarding the loshu 1 or the trigram Kan, It resonates with male energy and especially younger males. It represents the ocean depths and your life’s journey. In terms of day-to-day responsibilities, there should be an emphasis on your career. This becomes another marker for the month of June. How expand career path!

Physically, this trigram represents the water organs (kidney, bladder systems). Therefore, these organs tend to have more vulnerability this month.

Key Points:

The following areas have powerful energy patterns worth paying attention to.

  • East Portent - Tremendous resources and especially for new ideas or business direction. This can prove excellent for financial gain. Add strong fire and moving water feature to activate.

  • Southeast - Pay attention to meeting your goals this month. Add healthy plant to this area.

  • West - Get creative in your business approach & remember to chill out with some R&R. Add virtual water element.

  • North - Follow the leader in business. Networking and mentoring is essential this month. Add strong earth element.

Yoga Practice:

Albeit your yang practice is still appropriate to engage in this month, you'll want to cool things down a bit and go at a slower pace. I like this short sequence that you can repeat several times and then retreat to the earth for yin poses.

Here are some great yin poses for this month. Aim to hold the following poses for 3 minutes.

  • Sphinx

  • Malasana squat with head and neck release

  • Dragon pose

  • Happy baby

  • Savasana

Garden Tips:

Enjoy this quick slide show on simple feng shui garden tips!

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