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Flying Stars and Positive Energy Points

The month of November brings in the archetype animal of the Pig and the trigram Gen; Wisdom, Knowledge and Resources. There is a succession of elements that combine between the Pig and the trigram Gen. The combination of elements water to wood (Pig components), to earth (trigram Gen) leaves a gap. This is a separation between the elements can elicit challenges. Therefore, it is essential to infuse the bridging element (fire) to realize the benefits of the trigram Gen. The benefits of Gen trigram include:

· Newly acquired knowledge

· Insight and wisdom

· To seek higher heights

· Navigate rough terrain professionally and personally

· Rich resources available for financial gain

Bridging of Fire Element:

It is important this month to infuse the qualities of fire into your business and personal life.

Fire qualities include:

· Passion in what you are doing

· Transcendence/transformation from “old” ideas to “new”

· Consume and cling to new knowledge BUT be willing to shed light for others

· Hone your instincts to seize opportunities

· Be enthusiastic