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Flying Stars and Positive Energy Points

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of November brings in the archetype animal of the Pig and the trigram Gen; Wisdom, Knowledge and Resources. There is a succession of elements that combine between the Pig and the trigram Gen. The combination of elements water to wood (Pig components), to earth (trigram Gen) leaves a gap. This is a separation between the elements can elicit challenges. Therefore, it is essential to infuse the bridging element (fire) to realize the benefits of the trigram Gen. The benefits of Gen trigram include:

· Newly acquired knowledge

· Insight and wisdom

· To seek higher heights

· Navigate rough terrain professionally and personally

· Rich resources available for financial gain

Bridging of Fire Element:

It is important this month to infuse the qualities of fire into your business and personal life.

Fire qualities include:

· Passion in what you are doing

· Transcendence/transformation from “old” ideas to “new”

· Consume and cling to new knowledge BUT be willing to shed light for others

· Hone your instincts to seize opportunities

· Be enthusiastic

Architype of the Pig:

The Pig architype has a “low profile” constitution. Therefore, it behooves you to maintain a low profile WHILE you take on the aforementioned fire qualities this month. Furthermore, as the Pig is determined and hardworking, let the results from your hard work this month speak for you.

It is important to know your worth in the business community this month. This is the best way to achieve more and to be satisfied with those achievements. Stay focused on your dreams and goals – this is the best way to realize them.

The Pig is also associated with abundance, and combined with the Gen trigram, this has the potential to be a great month for wealth and finances.

The trigram Gen supports both didactic knowledge and inner knowledge. Using a combination between this type of knowledge packs a powerful punch for success and attraction of additional resources this month.

Gen trigram represents yang or male energy, the shoulders, arms and wrists. Therefore, these areas are more vulnerable this month, especially for males.

The following areas are most advantageous this month. Pay attention to these aspects of your life personally and professionally.

- Family: Come back to your roots and heed the advice from elders. The result is guidance that will lead you on the right path. Be willing to flow like water, as this will lead to real growth.

- Finances: Go with what is trending in the markets. Also consider investing in gold and silver as another mechanism for your financial portfolio. Be precise in your investments and keep your financial situation organized.

- Goals: Remain focused on your goals this month. See them with clarity and build on your approach to reaching them. This is a very active energy that enters this portent that has the ability to bring windfalls. Remain grounded and focused, yet willing to do the work to gain desired results.

- Creativity: This is a month to set aside some down time and think about your long term plans including your finances, profession and where you ultimately want to live. Get creative, daydream, go with the flow, and see what arises.

- Guidance: This month is trending towards inner guidance and especially when it comes to following your dreams. It behooves you to loosen up, broaden your vision and write down your plan of action.

Overall, be willing to have a partnership with your higher self by meditating on a daily basis. As a result, plenty of resources will arise. Remain grounded and rooted and let things rise from the center - a place of perfect balance between the heavenly and earthly realm.

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