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What's Happening in The Year of The Rabbit?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The Yin Water Rabbit year of 2023 follows the Yang Water Tiger year (2022). The overall energy for 2022 was rather hectic and energetic, especially when it came to fulfilling various objectives.

The Yin Water Rabbit Year is a more restful energy, as the Rabbit is a harbinger of gentleness and serenity. 2023 will be a good time to take stock of your life goals, go at a slower pace, rest, resolve any differences, heal old wounds, reacquire inner balance, and make plans for the future.

In the year of the Rabbit, it is important to show tolerance in the face of possible affronts. Be careful not to be influenced by incomplete information or by a defeatist opinion, as it will only lead to loss of precious time in critical situations.

It will be very effective during the Water Rabbit year to avoid disputes and remain calm. This is how the Rabbit prefers to operate. Remaining calm will have a tremendous impact on others including in the business world. The Rabbit prefers to be behind the scenes rather than up front and center. In other words, 2023 is a good year to direct from behind letting others take a larger role.

Lessons And Challenges:

Rabbits indicate an energy of increase and decrease. You’ll notice in 2023 there will be times when your life is filled with abundance, and at times things will be scarce. This is the natural ebb and flow of life and energy. It is not something to be fought against. It is something that needs to be accepted as a natural cycle. The Rabbit reminds us to accept this cycle and embrace it.

The Rabbit teaches us about growth, the waxing energy that indicates fertility of ideas and even transformation. The year of the Rabbit is an excellent time to transform your surroundings, your creative abilities, and welcome change.

The Rabbit also teaches power and how to survive despite adversity. To move through problems that arise without succumbing to them. The year of the Rabbit is a time to journey inward, call up your fears, your shadow self, and overcome the illusions you create in your mind. The shadow self is simply noise that interrupts the messages from your higher self – intuit self. This is the year to eliminate the ‘noise.’

Rabbits are tied to the land; therefore, 2023 invites you to evaluate your land. How are you utilizing your environment? Are you purchasing local and organic produce? How do you view your local environment? Do you look after it or seek beauty within it? Do you care for it? Examine whether you take it for granted.

2023 is also a year to watch your diet and lifestyle so they are not damaging to your body. Personal health can come with sacrifice. Don’t push too hard to be more successful. Often, we push in the wrong areas, as we may be fearful to confront internal issues and transform within. The Rabbit provides the courage to do so.

Water Element of 2023:

The Water element with a Yin polarity, which is the element of the Chinese year 2023, represents in nature by rain, clouds, mist, and any kind of small amounts of water. Its main quality is the ability to change shape and its characteristics. As water nourishes soil and plants, that’s how yin water nurtures and inspires other people. Therefore, it will be important in 2023 to be a nourishing agent for yourself, and others.

Yin water recycles itself – think of how creeks flow into streams, streams into rivers, lakes, and oceans… then there is evaporation into clouds and then rain. Yin waters are always moving; never fixed in one place. Think of yin water like a chameleon – camouflaged shape shifters and can be anything. Change is the underlying quality of yin water so think about that dynamic in everything you approach this year. People will be starving for change including yourself. Think about how you can provide that change in your personal and professional life.

The energy of yin water is also enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Having good people skills in 2023 is going to be important. In addition, people will be attracted to new ideas, especially ones which can help others on a larger scale.

Hone your skills when it comes to recognizing potential in others. This is an important dynamic to capitalize on this year in your personal and professional life. Think things through and come to meaningful conclusions when observing challenges. This is going to be especially important when it comes to others as it may be difficult to understand their needs.

The yin water component tends to cause people to hold back or be unpredictable in 2023. Be as patient as possible and set guides or steps to achieve the collective end goal.

Consistency will be one of the main problems in 2023 due to the yin water influence. There is a tendency to take on too many things and have difficulty to choose one path. A constant craving for ‘new things' is likely in 2023. Consistency and patience is essential if you plan on achieving your goals.

From time to time this year it will behoove you to dip into your own inner world. This is a great way of recharging and recovering from the rigors of life, but just be careful you don’t do it for too long, as it can easily turn into depression and anxiety.


Watch for unpredictable and inconsistencies in your work approach this year, as this can leave people wondering what is going on with you. Contribute your ideas from a unique perspective and be patient with co-workers, as there is a tendency to get frustrated easily. Don’t take it personally.


Maintain good leadership skills by offering a new vision. In business, try to surround yourself with a team of doers. Focus your time on effective communications and be mindful to spread the responsibility amongst the team.

It will be important to provide good guidelines and avoid getting caught up in personal issues with others. Expect full commitment from your colleagues and remain focused on reality and the bigger picture.

It is important this year to focus on your most important goals and to finish what you start. Make time this year to enjoy the process of planning for the future and creating new apsects to old projects. You’ll find this aspect of your life to be very appealing.

Yin Water Qualities at Glance:

· Main characteristics: Adaptable, quick to change, unpredictable

· Main skills: Debating, communication, out-of-box thinking

· Main threats: Lack of consistency and focus, shy, moody, too many ideas and goals

· Key asset: Ideas

Water – Season:

In five element theory the element of water represents the season of winter, a time of introspection. Therefore, it is important to set guidelines and check in with how you are expending your energy. The tendency is to shift from one goal/focus to another always craving something new. Set some parameters and give yourself time to digest new ideas that enter your mind. Follow through to completion before jumping into the next venture.

In terms of the loshu grid (feng shui), the water trigram encompasses (Kan) which will influence your life journey, career, and income. The element of water represents movement; therefore, you can expect more cash flow and investment strategies in 2023 connected to your career and long-term plans.

Questions to Contemplate:

The trigram Kan is activated through the water element heavenly stem of 2023. Introspection and contemplation of your long-term plan is essential. The following are some questions to consider when formulating your 1 - 5 - and 10 year outlook.

· Are you on path?

· Do you need to make changes to your ultimate plan?

· Do you have a secure 1 - 5 -10 year plan?

· Is there anything you need to change?

· Are you happy with your direction?

Take the necessary time to think about these questions and determine the changes you may need to make.

There is a second element that is capture in 2023 which is Yin Wood. Yin Wood has a calming effect and helps to balance the changeability of yin water. When facing a problem, yin wood provides the ability to see things from different angles, but it also causes us to overlook important details or be swayed easily. This can lead to insecurity especially when making decisions. Relying on other people’s opinions is likely in 2023, but that can also be problematic, as it can lead to a lack of confidence. Therefore, it will be important to balance self-reliance with assistance from others.

Remember to take the lead with others and analyze all things from a fresh perspective so you have ready solutions for problems. Yin wood also requires constant reassurance so you may find that with family members, friends, and colleagues in 2023.

Yin wood like yin water never stops moving. The importance of follow through is essential this year before you even think about delving into the next idea or project.


Yin water and Yin Wood flows in for the year 2023. Therefore, it is important to maintain your inner and outer environment with the following tips:

· Periodically check your water lines in the home and on the property. Yin water can present as slow leaks that can end up causing large problems.

· Watch for any mold or water stains in Northwest and North areas of home.

· Watch for wood rot especially in east and southeast sectors.

· Keep east, northwest, and north areas of home and property well maintained and organized.


Just like in 2022, the water element corresponds to the kidneys and bladder. Therefore, it is important to prevent risk of urinary infections and or bladder issues. In Chinese medicine, water also rules sleep, dreams, and loss of hearing. It is especially important to make sure you get plenty of nourishing sleep.

The diet for supporting the bladder and kidney systems will include black foods (black beans, black rice, black mushrooms) because water’s colors are blue and black.

The Rabbit’s main element is yin wood. Therefore, the liver can also be vulnerable in 2023. Coffee, tea, grapefruit, blueberries, cranberries, beets, and cruciferous vegetables are all beneficial for the liver.

Feng Shui:

We’ve almost completed Period 8. In 2024, the next 20-year cycle will begin moving us out of Period 8 into Period 9. Moving from being under the “mountain” trigram Gen (Period 8) into the “brightness” of the sun trigram (Li). This will be an energetic shift that should be prepared to avoid being blinded by the new light.

The issue at hand is that those in charge of the old ways tend to want things to stay the same and are resistant to letting go. Since history does in fact repeat, we will be seeing similar energies play out in 2023 that we saw in previous Yin Water Rabbit years – 1963 and 1903. Globally, it is likely there will be a massive shift as we move towards the end of 2023 and enter 2024 or the Period 9 cycle. We may see changes via and within cultural and reform movements, politics and diplomacy or big ideological events in countries such as Australia, Cuba, and the Philippines. There will also be instability and tensions in Europe, Israel, North and South Korea and China to name a few of the global concerns.

There are two excellent quotes from the Tao Te Ching that sums it up:

“Those who advise the ruler on the Way, do not want the world subdued with weapons. Good leaders reach solutions, and then stop. They do not dare to rely on force.”

“The more restrictions and prohibitions there are, the poorer the people will be. The more sharp weapons people have in a country, the bigger the disorder will be.”

The yin nature of 2023 (Water Rabbit), will bring a groundswell of support for women’s rights, and from there, greater fairness and equity for marginalized groups. This is highly likely to occur as in 2024 we move into a 9-period representing a yin (female) trigram.

As of 3rd February 2023, the annual 4-Green Wood Star representing abundance will enter. In nature, this energy represents persistent wind. Therfore, weather patterns in 2023 will consistent of wind storms and rain that can weaken tree branches.

The 4 green star catapults the energetic field of pure abundance. This makes it a perfect year to manifest your desires, as everything clearly exists within time and space. To call it forth, simply set your intention, feel the energetic pull of your mind body connection, and exude this energy outwardly. Invite the joyous streams of thoughts and optimism coupled with good ideas fill your life.

Once you are willing to do what it takes to hone your skills and be in a state of gratitude, you will resonate with pure abundance. From this place, your life will change. Continue to clear your path and watch the winds of fortunate blessings come your way.

Be a channel of this pure abundance to help others. In the process you will help yourself and open the door to a life lived fully. Click here for assistance on Manifesting Your Life Desires.

Directions to Make Note of:

The East and West portents are problematic this year. It is best to keep these areas quiet, well maintained, and organized. If you can, avoid any major construction or landscaping in these directions.

In Feng Shui practice, the East direction represents the Grand Duke while the West is noted as the Sui Po or year breaker. The year breaker includes financial strain, obstacles, and misconceptions. One of the easiest things you can do is spray salt water daily in these directions. You should also avoid facing the east when working. It is better to have the support of the east (to your back) so you can gain the benefits of the emperor's (Grand Duke) positive attributes.

The east direction also holds the illness star for the year. It is in conflict elementally with the portent direction making the feet, ankles and neck area vulnerable, especially the left side. Keeping this area quiet and adding a metal element will help to minimize this illness star.

The South direction holds the prosperity resource star in 2023. Concentrate on the resources you desire to fulfill your goals this year. There is fabulous support by the portent direction. Illuminate this area with bright lighting, activity, your vision board, and crystals. A water fountain will also bode well as long as this direction doesn't house your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

The Southwest has a strong energy combining partnerships in career and long-term life plans. Capitalize on this auspicious energy by placing a metal element here. Keep this area active and vibrant.

The West, albeit a positive star for networking and financial possibilities, it is also the direction of the Sui Po. Keep this area organized and minimize the activity here. The portent naturally assists this beneficial trigram but also can create tension between male and female. Virtual water element and spraying salt water daily is beneficial.

The Northwest houses a problematic energy for 2023. Luckily the portent direction helps to drain this energy. Adding a metal element or ringing a bell daily is helpful to break up the low vibration created by the 5-star.

The North direction houses the powerful future resource star. As period 9 is right around the corner, this energy is activating. Tap into this additional resource by placing a thriving plant here.

The Northeast houses the back-biting 7-star. Albeit this star elevates your creative juices, it also can have an undermining impact. Add virtual water element here to drain off this star's negative impact.

Good Feng Shui elevates the vibration frequency in your environment and can override negative or low energy that can impact your life. 2023 is an excellent year to capitalize on making changes to your living and working space. Click here and take advange of my DIY downloadable Feng Shui Guide.

For simple things you can do entering a New Year, follow my video series on Youtube by clicking here!



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