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2024 Wood Dragon: The Determined Adventurous Spirit

The Yang Wood Dragon year of 2024 follows the Yin Water Rabbit year (2023). After a restful and restructuring year, the Dragon will move us towards more ambitious challenges favoring risk taking opportunities.

The Yang Wood Dragon will no doubt be a year of excess and dynamic ideas instilled by the Dragon. This is a sharp contrast with the soft energies of the Yin Water Rabbit of 2023. Essentially, the cautious approach of the Rabbit year gives way to a strong propensity to take on risks in all areas of your life.

The Yang Wood Dragon year highlights curiosity, to learn more, socialize and travel. There is no room for procrastination in 2024. This is a year to be bold and act. It will require hard work and a willingness to dig into areas that may seem out of the ordinary. If you stick with this approach, you’ll find treasures beyond your imagination.

The year of the Yang Wood Dragon hones the creative arts, music and writing industry. Utilize creative aspects to enhance marketing yourself in 2024. ‘Go big or go home’ is the motto for this year.

Although the year of the Dragon is about being bold and acting on opportunities, it is important not to overestimate your strengths. It’s a good idea to maintain your focus on one task at a time rather than trying to take on too many things at once.


Dragon Archetype Energy Pattern

The Dragon Archetype is one of the most ancient and powerful totems. Dragons are trustworthy and protective guides. The rules of the 4 elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth) are a gateway to how they operate and maintain balance and harmony. Specifically, the Dragon takes on the 4 qualities of these elements aiding different aspects of our journey. In other words, if you are looking to fuel your creative side or self-mastery, then call upon the Fire Dragon archetype. The Air Dragon establishes clarity, encourages you to trust your instincts, and embrace change. The Water Dragon encourages you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve a purpose while the Earth Dragon helps you ground, center, and stabilize your mindset so you can live abundantly.


The Dragon derives its’ nature from ancient wisdom. It has a fearless nature ready to take on any situation, especially noble and worthy causes. Therefore, in 2024 rely on the wisdom of the elders or those senior in your industry for guidance.


There is also a deceitful side to the Dragon that can undermine good. Therefore, eyes wide open in 2024, as not everyone can be trusted.

Yang Wood Element of 2024


The Yang Wood element represented by the heavenly stem position for 2024, is very penetrating. Think of a mighty oak penetrating its roots deep into the soil of the earth. Therefore, you may notice people/clients may be challenging to deal with or manage. There is a tendency for a forceful and single-minded approach when it comes to communicating with others. They may be rather straight forward if not outright bold with their opinions.

There is a tendency to be impulsive, lack patience, and take on many things at once in this wood dragon year. People in general will be more subjective in their thinking. It will not be easy for most to distance themselves from a situation.

The yang wood energy that rises in the first half of 2024 comes with traits of fearlessness, confidence, determination, creativity, growth, flexibility and reaching for lofty goals and ideas.



The best approach this year to be a leader is to further your education and expand your knowledge. The only way to be independent is to know the latest technologies in your field. It's essential to remain present in the process and not get caught up in the small stuff or grand schemes. The strong earth element held within the Dragon is about realities and not schemes that can backfire.

What the Dragon archetype energy for 2024 admires most is courage, perseverance, diligence, and generosity. Weave these characteristics into your approach in 2024 so you can soar through the clouds like the mystical dragon.


Society and Politics in 2024


The major advance in Artificial Intelligence over the past two years has reshuffled the cards in many areas, but above all confused the tracks as to the very definition of creation. The best way to approach this new technology is to use it as an accessory to your work rather than allowing it to do your work. AI technology can move two ways: humanity can move to new heights at an incredible speed or create devastation beyond belief. AI must be handled with integrity and humility to uncover its benevolent potential.

The best way to ascertain what we can potentially expect in 2024 is to cycle back to the last Yang Wood Dragon year which was 1964. Here are some things to watch for:


·       We may see new financial government programs put into motion targeting illegals.

·       Racial tension could escalate.

·       Manipulation/changing of voting laws.

·       Continued politically driven investigations.

·       Global conflicts continue to rise with potential leadership change in Russia.

·       Potential earthquakes due to strong wood element uprooting strong earth.

·       Rebuilding infrastructure – strong wood points to construction and building.

·       More attention to NASA space programs.

·       Medical breakthroughs.

·       Boom in Arts and Entertainment industry mainly due to writers back in full swing.


 Wood – Season

In five element theory the element of wood represents the season of spring, a time of rapid growth. Its expansive quality provides momentum for goal achievement and the ability to bring forth that which you envision. The primary method of problem resolution this year is through growth and expansion. Overall, there is an urge to constantly initiate projects and see them to completion.

Strong wood (yang) creates a greater tendency to anger.  Therefore, you may notice yourself or others can be easily frustrated.  Your activity level may increase especially in the first half of 2024. This can leave you feeling scattered and exhausted so make sure you balance your energy with sufficient rest.

In terms of the loshu grid (feng shui), there are two wood trigrams (Zhen & Xun) that influence your health, family, and finances.  In 2024, those three areas of your life should be your focus to root, grow and expand.   

Questions to Contemplate

· In what areas of your life do you initiate new things?

· Name three new things you have recently initiated and new things you would like to initiate.

· In what types of situations do you hold back, even when you strongly desire to do it?

· Do you feel you are rewarded for endeavors in life?

· Do you feel you have blessings coming your way?

· What is your financial situation – cash flow? An enterprise?

· Do you think you are mentally stimulating to those around you?

Taking a little bit of time to think about these questions is helpful to determine any changes that you may need to make in 2024.

There are three additional elements held within the Dragon in 2024 (Yang Earth, Yin Wood, and Yin Water). Review the following qualities of these elements and try to incorporate them in how you lead, serve, and handle challenges that may arise this year.

Yang Earth 

·       Persistence

·       Realistic

·       Stable

·       Down-to-earth

·       Trustworthy

·       Understanding

·       Open-minded

Yin Wood

·       Flexible

·       Resourceful

·       Resilient

·       Team-spirited

·       Calm

·       Detailed

Yin Water

·       Adaptable

·       Changeable

·       Outside the box thinking

·       Strong communication skills

·       Idea producing mindset


Yang Wood, Yang Earth, Yin Wood, Yin Water flows in for the year 2024. Therefore, it is important to maintain your inner and outer environment with the following tips:

· Check tree roots close to the house. Make sure they are not infringing upon the foundation or impinging water lines. Yin water can present slow leaks that can end up causing large problems.

· Make sure trees in the east and southeast of your property are strong and well rooted to withstand heavy rains and storms. Double wood in 2024 can weaken trees.

· Watch for slow water leaks in the north sector or home or property.

· Watch for soil erosion in northeast sector of property.

·  Keep the Northeast, East, Southeast and North sectors of the home well organized.



The main element for 2024 is Yang Wood. This element represents the Gallbladder and skeletal system. Therefore, these areas can be vulnerable in 2024.

Foods that support these wood systems are as follows: Green leafy vegetables, variety of citrus fruit, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, spelt, fresh herbs and teas, liver, and fiber.

Earth and water foods are also beneficial in 2024 as these elements are held within the Dragon archetype. Some examples are fish, miso, edamame, cabbage, eggplant, fennel, beans, squash, potatoes, quinoa, zucchini, cashew, walnuts, barley, farro, dates and figs.

2024 Is A New 9 Cycle Year

As we enter 2024, there is an entirely new cycle of energy. This shift in energy is particularly significant because we move out of one 20 year cycle and into the next. The changing of the guards represents approaching feng shui assessments from a slightly different angle since the status of the most prosperous star has changed.


Even though faded stars are generally unfavorable, star 8 (previous 20 year cycle) is fundamentally positive associated with resources and self-discovery. Therefore, it is still a source of energy that can bring positive benefits when tapped.


The new star that awakens will reign for the next 20 years. As a result, new aspects in life will activate for all of us. They include the following:

New Aspects:

·       Women

·       Spirituality

·       Happiness and joyous events

·       Goal focus

·       Self-branding or marketing self

·       Awakening to soul’s purpose

·       Opening to the light from out under the mountain (last 20-year cycle)


The status all the stars or trigrams fall into the following energy fields in this new cycle:

9 Star Trigram: Prosperity

1 & 2 Star Trigrams: Growth

8 Star Trigram: Retreat but still maintains benefits

7 Star Trigram: Decline

7 & 6 Star Trigrams Together: Demise

3, 4 & 5 Stars: Problematic

1 Star Trigram: Comes to assistance

Understanding how to work with these energies has a significant impact for the next 20 years! Knowing what areas in your environment to support, awaken, and soften is critical if you want to gain the best results in your life. This includes support for your health, relationships, business, career, finances, family, spiritual development and how the 2024 year in totality will impact you personally. If this sounds like something you are interested in simply click here and scroll down to "Preference 3 - Astrology" and choose " Customized Yearly Strategy."

Explore, be determined, and let your spirit be adventurous in the year of the Yang Wood Dragon!


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