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Unlock the Code and Live Abundantly in 2024!

I am so excited to give you a look inside Codes of Creation Mastermind System that will transform your life by opening the abundant living codes.


What's Inside?

Below you will find just some of what you can expect in the 26-week Codes of Creation online activation program. 👇

👉 👉 👉 And if you have not registered yet for the FREE Master Class: Unlock The Language of the Universe in 5 Simple Steps click here to join in.

Are you are looking to integrate abundance, health, creativity, wisdom, and your special spark into all areas of your life?

My Codes of Creation Mastermind System will give you the tools you need and the loving nudge to move forward and live abundantly.

My carefully curated schedule includes:


Module 1: Way of Thinking

💭We start with MINDSET, and how you developed your beliefs in different aspects of your life. We explore:

  • Creative vision processes

  • The power of intention and the 5 lessons to live by

  • Visualization, brain frequency waves, and the Great Secret

  • Powerful messages from the Buddha

  • How life happens for you and NOT to you


Module 2: Mothering Intelligence

☷ The Mothering Intelligence of the Earth is in a continuing state of creation and movement. Mother Earth is the jewel of our solar system that holds the patterns of the entire universe within it. Here we begin to open space for the Earth Mother archetype and dive into systems that support that with the following:

  • Understanding where it all began from the primordial energy field into the creation of all things.

  • How to interpret the messages from Mother Earth and apply them to your life.

  • Understanding the Sacred Geometry behind the Earth Mother and specific ways to work with these patterns to attract right relationships for abundant living.  

  • Rebalancing your mind body connection through sacred form, meditations, and yoga movements.


Module 3: The Gateway to Life

💧Water is the gateway to all living things. Contained within one droplet of water is the history of the universe. Water is the sacred element of wisdom and knowledge. In this module, I get precise and decisive about:

  • Water's living intelligence and how you can program it to improve your health.

  • What facets of your life align to the water element and how you can attract unlimited abundance through its frequency wave.

  • How the energy of water can define your journey and ambitions.

  • The sacred form that represents water energy, how it communicates consciousness, and influences matter.

  • Water meditations and body movements that awaken your soul's point.


Module 4: Waves of Transformation

🔥 Fire allows us to see and helps us burn through patterns that are holding us back. I get precise and decisive about:

  • Fire's creative, destructive, and transformative qualities.

  • Powerful fire ceremonies that purify and awaken conscious patterns that align to your true self.

  • Phase 2 transformative meditation practices.

  • The universe’s code associated with the fire element and how it unlocks your soul's purpose.

  • Sacred Geometric shapes that unlock the womb of the universe triggering a deeper understanding of your intended life.


Module 5: The Vital Center

🌬️ Air is connected with our heart chakra. The heart connects the divine and inner wisdom with the physical world. When we listen to our soul voice, we increase prana and are magnetic in our messaging. You'll journey through:

  • The power of Mountains and how you can uncover your true self and take a quantum leap of consciousness to co-create your world your way.

  • Guided meditations of becoming 'The Mountain.'

  • How to attract the right people and situations to fulfill your life's mission.

  • The vital center that connects the center of YOU with the Center of the Universe.

  • Uncovering the bridge between your mind and the wisdom gained by 'Knowing Thyself'.


Module 6: Connection To Your Soul

INTEGRATION. All the inspiration that has been divinely guided is ready to be brought to earth. Here, you are ready to connect to your soul. It's time to play BIG and step into your power. It’s time to:

  • Delve into the cosmic soul and align it to your soul and the souls of others.

  • Experience the powerful 'Father Sky' and 'Mother Earth' meditation.

  • Communicate with heavenly guides and embody their wisdom.

  • Understand the 'bit language' of the universe that defines joy.

  • Engage with the power of reflection, gratitude, and your limitless nature of pure abundance.

  • Experience the Aethers - God's breath and the bridge between the material world and spiritual realm.

  • Uncover the '5 Soul Bodies' and vibrate at the frequency of 'Pure Intent.'

  • Put it all together and experience the abundant code of life.


Why not enter 2024 and break the codes of Abundant Living with my Codes of Creation Mastermind System.

My system is designed for anyone. Whether you are a yoga teacher who wants to improve your personal and professional life, a business professional, entrepreneur, or you simply feel stuck in life, my Codes of Creation Mastermind System is for you.

I can't wait to meet you! 🕉️

Remember, you are not doing your community and the world any favors by playing in the shadows of the 'small self.'


You are ready!


Mary Jane

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.”                                                 --Wayne Dyer


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