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What is Your Elemental Power?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Do you know what your elemental power is and why it is amazing knowledge to have? We all have personal elemental energy we align with that evokes different states of being from our emotions to our physical and spiritual essence.

Here is a brief overview of the elemental energies that act as guides on our earthly journey:

Fire: The warmth and brillance of the sun. This element literally helps you thrive in the human world. Fire burns deep inside the soul to overcome obstacles on your journey with courage, strength, and perserverance.

Earth: The physcial realm and primal nurturer. Earth is what gives us the ability to be receptive, strong, and gentle at the same time.

Wind or Air: The mental realm that can take you through a deep exploration of aligning your rmind with reality or the present moment.

Water: The emotional realm of living conscious energy. It is a source of creativity, reflection and intuition.

Tree: The global roots connecting all things. Tree energy signifies growth, vitality, initiative and irrepressible strength.

Sky: The imagination and dream-state of being. This energy is where possibilites are born and Divine guidance is available.

Mountain: The inward journey in search of the soul. This energy provides stability, steadiness, and persistence in life.

There is a powerful way to work with these elements by finding your natural elemental number with the formula in my book Mother Nature A Bridge to Conscious Living . You can use your intuition in this process to magnify the energy by spending time in nature with each of these power elements and notice which one has the deepest resonance with you.

Let's begin with the element of fire. You can simply repeat the word 'fire' in your mind on a sunny day and notice if you are in attunement with fire energy. Invite yourself to engage with any memories of the fire element whether it was building a camp fire or a memorable summer enjoying the warmth of the sun. Allow yourself to associate with the experiences of fire.

Now do the same for each of the elements: earth, wind, water, tree, sky, and mountain. Note the one you had the deepest connection with and whether that connection was through an image, sound, smell, texture, or intuitive feel. Note what gathers and collects within your mind and body as you move through each of these power elements.

After you have sensed the power element for you, delve deeper and make a connection to the spirit of that element in nature. You can invite that nature spirit into your life at any time especially through challenges that arise.

The intention for the intuitive practice is to hone your energy field with that of the fields in nature so you can reinforce your power element and reinforce yourself.

Find out more about your elemental power including specific meditations and other dynamics you can infuse into your daily life!

Sorting Mind Chatter

It's important to discern between words of wisdom and limiting words or conditioned self-talk that keeps you small and living in your comfort zone. This type of mind chatter will do anything from keeping you from being your best self. Limiting self-talk doesn't make you feel good about yourself. It lowers your self-confidence and can easily trigger frustration. This type of inner voice can leave you feeling drained and unfocused. We are all pretty familiar with that voice, so let's shift the energy to the voice of wisdom. This voice is loving and empowering. It comes through our intuition or higher self. Intuition is commonly referred to as a 'gut feeling.' It is our innate ability to know and trust what we know without questioning how we know it. We are all born with this innate wisdom. It's just a matter of paying attention to it.

Here are some simple ways to hone your intuition:

  • Commit to a daily practice of tunning into your higher self. The easiest way to do this is through a daily meditation practice or spending time in nature.

  • Listen to your body to learn how to discipher and heed your 'gut feelings.'

  • Get creative in life. Have fun with everything you do from house chores to hobbies. Find simple ways to think outside the box.

  • Take time for solitude. Put away your phone and other communication devices so you can reconnect with yourself.

  • Mindfully let go of negative emotions as they only block your intuitive voice.

Practicing these simple tips will open the pathway to Divine connection. Your inner wisdom is what you gain as you hone your intuition. It is a self-discovery process of the truest essence of who you are.

*For further guidance on discovering your best self read my book: Strong, Perfect, Whole Becoming Who You Want to Be.

Codes of Creation

Imagine if you had the right codes to unlock the Language of the Universe. Would you change any aspect of your life using these codes? I changed several aspects of my life along with the lives of many of my clients and yogis. My Codes of Creation Mastermind System took me over twenty years to develop. This system captures the laws that govern nature, the power behind conscious design and how it acts as a magnet for abundance, the imprinting of the codes of creation on your energy body through certain yoga poses and meditations that connect to sacred forms and the Intelligent Life Map.

My Mastermind System will take you through the invisible and formless field that manages the physical world and every part of you, including your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, and of course your physical body that you occupy. We all have access to this ENERGY FIELD. Are You Ready to Live at Higher Energy Levels and Tap Into These Fields?

What's Inside?

Access to my proprietary Codes of Creation Mastermind System to transform your life by utilizing the lessons in:

I. Way of Thinking Mindset

II. Mothering Intelligence System

III. Gateway to Life Method

IV. Waves of Transformation Applications

V. The Vital Center

VI. Connection to Your Soul

AND...ME, Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui Master for 20 years, Yoga Teacher for 15 years, Published author of 9 books and 16 Feng Shui training programs, and Registered Trademark owner and creator of Codes of Creation in Movement high frequency yoga through science.

Every student has lifetime access to the Codes of Creaion Mastermind Video Module System! Yes, that's right, lifetime access to over 60 videos! And if you are a yoga teacher, you receive 75 hours CE from Yoga Alliance.

It's time to elevate your frequency vibration from the 3rd dimension of consciousness to the 5th level of consciousness. It is time to impact the world by focusing on YOU first so that you can help the many.

Remember...There's no turning back once you start the energy moving in the direction of your dreams!

Watch my FREE Masterclass Here and learn more about the Codes of Creation Mastermind System.

Om Shanti!


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