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What Have We Learned and Where are We Going?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

For those of you who have been following me, you know I work with the architype energy for each month. For the month of November, the Pig architype shed light on where we've been and where we are going. Exactly what did we learn from this architype?

We began the month honing heavenly guidance, to seek direction from something greater than self. With such guidance, strength and abundance easily entered our energetic field so we could expand our ability to work our highest path and to become compassionate beings. Part of the process required determination to go deep within so we could discover the treasure of "Grace."

As the month of November continued, it was apparent we needed to enter deeper into the architype animal of the Pig. Essentially, it took us Into the depths of the oceans – the living waters held within the earth. Entering these waters was like entering into the original consciousness or nature which is behind all things. Through the work we entered into the Cosmic Mind - the Infinite Being. From this perspective, it was clear whatever in our life seemed little became much. Whatever seemed weak was strong. When we felt doubt creep in, faith took hold. Whatever we questioned, we knew truth and belief would prevail. It became more apparent we were entering a new reality. We exist on this earth as the eyes and ears of the Infinite Being, as it seeks to experience itself through the variety of every possible viewpoint. Digest that for a moment.

As we near the end of November, we delve yet deeper into the energy of the Pig. Upon this entrance, the hidden stem or the element of Wood is revealed. This is an element normally associated with the Spring season. So why would we see this element held deep within the month of November? Simple, this element is actually birthing. Like an infant being born, care is needed to let this element thrive.

How does this stage impact us directly? First, we must understand what the element of wood represents. In nature, it is the wonder of trees and all vegetation on our planet. It represents vitality, growth and coming out into the light. However, for that to happen, the old vegetation must release so new shoots can occur. The old must release NOW, in nature and within us, so we can rise up and start anew.

The earth recognizes this process and invites us to move inward with Her. Moving inward means to give yourself permission to relax and go with the flow. Interestingly enough, one of the most impactful organs within our body (the liver), metaphorically and physically, is all about going with flow. The liver is in charge of smooth flow of chi (prana) throughout the body to keep us healthy.

Going with the flow brings us back to the main element of the Pig which is water. This element nurtures the wood element, or the nourishment we need to grow and expand our consciousness like that of the Cosmic Mind - the Divine. Going with the flow means you are willing to keep a positive attitude even when there are difficult times. You are willing to rise above your challenges and discover opportunities on the other side. This is the Niyama known as Santosha. It’s about being content no matter what is going on. You are willing to transform your situation and come through on the other side with immense joy. That's we are going!

To arrive successfully, the Pig architype encourages us to persevere, be fearless and make right decisions. The Niyama “Tapas” best describes this aspect. It literally translates as having a fiery discipline or passion to burn away the impurities that stand in our way. By burning away these impurities you can pave the way to your true greatness. True greatness depends on how we choose and make our decisions.

The video below covers a few yoga asanas (poses) that work the water and wood organ systems so you can have assistance physically with your inner work.

In Gratitude and Happy Thanksgiving,

Mary Jane Kasliner

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Gratitude and Thanksgiving?

Gratitude, put simply is "present-oriented." Sure, gratitude also encompasses a host of other qualities such as abundance, thanking someone in your life, not taking things for granted and of course thanking God for your blessings. There are simple ways to cultivate gratitude this season. Here are just a few. - Reaching out to others. There are many who will spend Thanksgiving alone this year and especially during this time of COVID. Although you may not physically be able to reach out to them, you can virtually engage and share some special time. - Plan together. Take time to be present and focus on your menu with those around you or virtually around you. This can be a joyful process deciding what to prepare for the meal. It involves noticing and accepting what is. So maybe you don't have all the extra trimmings this year. That works too. - Express your thankfulness. This can be a wonderful interactive process. Everyone can take a turn and express what they are grateful for. - Giving back. This is an excellent time of the year to give back what you have been graced with. Perhaps a local food drive or donation to a charity of your choice. Either way, many of us feel compelled to help others during Thanksgiving. Just to note, the aforementioned are wonderful ways to work toward happier, healthier and meaningful ways of living together as one big human family.

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