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The Awe of Fall

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Every season has its own special charms and characteristics that we look forward to, but none are considered more spectacular than the fall. As the leaves change on the trees, we are left with some of the most stunning natural scenes as the beautiful gold and brown leaves create a sense of warmth and change. Although often seen as the end, the fall represents the dawning of a new day; a new chapter. Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Get inspired and stay in-spirit as you navigate through this season of transformation.

     October resonates with the energy of Yang Earth, as the main element of the architype animal of the Dog. Mother earth is receptive, strong, yet gentle. She compliments father sky, and in doing so, fosters creation. St. Francis of Assisi preached how the whole world is a family connected through Mother Earth as care giver, sister moon, brother fire, and father God above who provide the elements of nature that lead us back to Source.

     The Native American Indians also honor every part of the earth. Everything is sacred about the earth. In Native American Medicine Wheel, the season of fall sits in the west, a place of the setting sun. As the wheel turns energy moves from the periphery to the core. Life force energy literally draws back into the roots.

     The Q'ero people from Peru share a similar belief honoring Pachamama, meaning Mother Earth, for her bounties. They belief nature was given to man from father sky and is the teacher on how to live one's life. The basic premise is to freely give back to Mother with gratitude and in return abundance is received.

What Can We Learn This Month About Mother Earth?

     Mother Earth has respect for all who live upon her. There is no part of her that is greater than another. All is one and perfect. We are kin to all living things and therefore must love and show respect to one another. We must regard one another with esteem and consideration.

     The greatest sages known to man walked upon the earth. In their very footsteps lies the wisdom to be shared with all. When we take the time with mother earth we too shall learn the ways of the sages and find the wisdom that upholds ones spirit.

     Mother earth does not falter when shaken. Every day She provides for all without compromise. We too must work through the difficult times and defend what is right, what we believe in, and be part of this world.

     The earth is pure in nature, true to the core. It does not seek to destroy. This is a quality that man needs to fully grasp. If we are true to self first then it will be easy to be true to others.

     Mother earth loves unconditionally. There is nothing she will not give to all who seek her. So too must man love his fellow brother and sister without conditions and share with all.

     It's important this month to honor the earth and follow in her ways. Spend time in meditation to recharge so you can better serve yourself and others. Below is a simple meditation to practice this month.

Meditation for October:

  •  Sit comfortably with spine erect and shoulders relaxed.

  •  Soften the corners of your eyes.

  •  Focus on the ebb and flow of the breath.

  •  Repeat the simple mantra, "I am divine love" 108 times to affirm connection to love and align yourself to the will of the universe. This calms the mind, body, and soul.

For daily contemplations with nature and other powerful sources of meditation, see my book, Mother Nature a Bridge to Conscious Living.

Additional Energy Focus Points For October:

  • Vision/Goals: There is natural support this month when it comes to your goals and vision. Heed advice from female who is close to you, as she will have valuable insight when it comes to moving forward on your path.

  • Career: It is essential to manage your long-term plans for career this month. Think about what direction is most beneficial for your vision and then outline the steps to take, as chaos can easily ensue this month. It behooves you to carve out extra time to go through your agenda and hold on to what makes sense. Communication is a key factor that will come into play, so hone your listening skills.

  • Travel/Networking: Seek advice from male colleagues this month when it comes to networking and new opportunities that link to your goals and vision. The networking choices you make this month bode well for future endeavors.

  • Finances: There are plenty of resources and opportunities this month that realize financial gain. It is important however to research all aspects when it comes to investing or making major financial decision. Take the time to contemplate the best approach and solution before acting.

  • Relationships: It's important to spend time with significant other this month. There is an overall "take the lead" energy. This is especially so when it comes to business relationships. It will impact the success of your networking endeavors this month.

  • Inner Knowledge: Don't be surprised if you struggle with your meditation practice this month. The energy is extremely active in this portent and can literally throw you off your zafu cushion. It will require discipline, routine, and strong mind-set to overcome the otherwise distracting energy.

  • Health: Feet, ankle and neck area are vulnerable this month, as there is a cutting energy in this sector. Be mindful of these body systems especially when exercising. The eyes and and cardiovascular system is also vulnerable this month as the central star (9 Li), activates the center and loses energy in the process.

  • Relaxation/Fun: Make the time to partner up with a close friend or significant other to engage in some down time. Plan a home cook meal and add all the trimmings!

Earth Poem


In the earth beneath my feet,

Sacrifice is complete.

With elements in tune,

The cycles resume,

As life gives way to life.

Dying, then alive and new-

I see this as my path, too.

A binding past can be set free,

To feed a future that is yet to be,

As life gives way to life.

Renae Johnson

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