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Strength, Abundance and Original Consciousness

The month of November brings in the archetype animal of the Pig. This animal is located in a sector that is associated with heavenly guidance, abundance, and strength.

There is a natural synergy between these attributes that are drawn within our energetic fields to expand our ability to do the highest good and be the most compassionate person we can be.

The Pig is an animal connected to Mother Earth (Gaia). It has the fortitude and strength to dig deep and find nourishment. Symbolically, this represents delving deep within to find the treasures of grace.

Grace is associated with the 7th chakra – the crown. When “we” collectively transcend the pull of the ego, the attachments to the physical world, and learn lessons of humanity, “we” collectively reach a state of true bliss.

When “we” are balanced in this vital energy center, we are wise, open minded, and gain a sense of spiritual connection – as God unified.

As we delve into the month of November, we enter deeper into the archetype animal of the Pig, and in doing so, we descend into the depths of the oceans – the living waters held within the earth.

Entering into these waters is like entering into the original consciousness or nature which is behind all things. It represents the Divine – the cosmic mind that is everywhere and everything. It is the Infinite Being.