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Strength, Abundance and Original Consciousness

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of November brings in the archetype animal of the Pig. This animal is located in a sector that is associated with heavenly guidance, abundance, and strength.

There is a natural synergy between these attributes that are drawn within our energetic fields to expand our ability to do the highest good and be the most compassionate person we can be.

The Pig is an animal connected to Mother Earth (Gaia). It has the fortitude and strength to dig deep and find nourishment. Symbolically, this represents delving deep within to find the treasures of grace.

Grace is associated with the 7th chakra – the crown. When “we” collectively transcend the pull of the ego, the attachments to the physical world, and learn lessons of humanity, “we” collectively reach a state of true bliss.

When “we” are balanced in this vital energy center, we are wise, open minded, and gain a sense of spiritual connection – as God unified.

As we delve into the month of November, we enter deeper into the archetype animal of the Pig, and in doing so, we descend into the depths of the oceans – the living waters held within the earth.

Entering into these waters is like entering into the original consciousness or nature which is behind all things. It represents the Divine – the cosmic mind that is everywhere and everything. It is the Infinite Being.

From this perspective it is apparent that:

· What is Little becomes Much

· Weakness becomes Strength

· Doubt becomes Faith

· Disease becomes Health

· Question becomes Belief

Whatever in your life seems deficient, rely on the principle of Nature – the Original consciousness, the infinite spirit held within and without. Move beyond what was, to what could be.

We are entering a new reality. We exist on this earth as the eyes and ears of Infinite Being, as it seeks to experience itself through the variety of every possible viewpoint.

Expand your consciousness into the vast oceans – the living waters that flow upon the earth and the vast universe that exists within and without. Bring your unique potential into fullness and into its rightful manifestation.

Original Spiritual Practice:

Van Morrison's quote: "If you haven't heard from him, it just means you didn't call," is a powerful statement when it comes to letting go of what is consuming you. For many yogis, the practice is spiritual, but the original spiritual practice is prayer. Long after all other practices have fallen by the wayside, and no matter how much pain we are in or how self-destructive we have been, prayer is available to us.

Prayer will find us the energy we need to come back from the brink. The message of the Buddha, of Christ, and of yoga is the possibility of resurrection, redemption and rebirth. Prayer is the driving force to move forward in life.

Examining the idea of spiritual force, or spiritual momentum is powerful. It makes the impossible, possible. Prayerful meditation enables us to tap into the power of the universe.

Going to the yoga mat is a form of surrender. Prayer is surrender. Think about the simplest prayer "Thy will be done." Like yoga, keeping prayer simple and selfless is the best approach. Let the power of prayer speak for itself. And remember, if you haven't heard from the spirit of the universe, that just means you haven't called.

Energy Overview November:

Each month a new trigram enters the loshu grid. This grid overlays your floor plans and acts as a guide to assist you for the month. November restores the loshu grid to the original form. This means areas of your life could be magnified. As a general overview, as every home has its own energetic map, the following life areas may arise this month for you. Family: There is an aggressive energy positioned here this month. Therefore, tensions can easily flare. There is a tendency to move at a quick pace and this creates a state of chaos. There is also a rigid energy here that can show up as stiff joints, tight

muscles or tendonitis. You can soften this energy by placing a fire element to the eastern portent of your home.

Financial Picture: Albeit there is assistance with finances this month, you may find money comes in but blows out with the wind. The energy is pliable but needs some stability. It is wise to put some extra "bucks" in savings if at all possible this month. Research investment strategies is your best bet. Adding the fueling and stabilizing force it a good idea by placing water and fire element to the southeast direction.

Goals/Life Purpose: Fire up those goals this month but make sure they are in alignment with your mission. Be realistic with your approach, but also take the time to actually list the things you would like to accomplish this month. No need to add fuel to the flame but rather keep it flowing at a steady pace. You can achieve this by placing a healthy plant to the south direction.

Relationships: Things may take a slower and methodical feel when it comes to your relationships this month. Go with that and be receptive to others. Make sure you carve time out to enjoy significant other. Be mindful of eating out this month as the stomach/intestinal area can be sluggish. Adding a metal element to the southwest will help to ease the negative aspects of this energy.

Creativity: Let your creative juices fly this month but also be mindful of who you are sharing your ideas with. This energy can be a little cutting especially since there is a lot of metal energy residing here this month. Teeth can be sensitive or skin irritations can also develop. Ease this sharp energy with virtual water element placed in the west direction.

Mentors/Travel: Take the lead in your position when it comes to networking with others this month. Learn from mentors or become one yourself. Look for higher assistance through prayer and those you admire. Build spiritual practice and gain insight this month. Placing strong earth element to the northwest is helpful.

Career: Flow and abundance is available this month when it comes to career and life journey. Go into the depths of the oceans (metaphorically), and touch the cosmic mind for guidance. Be open to advice and guidance on the job and be flexible when it comes to others. Add metal element to the north and build this abundant flow.

Inner Knowing: Meditaiton practice is a must this month (and of course always). Taking time on a daily basis to get quiet and do a little self-exploration is well worth your time. There is a strong earth pattern in this sector that is packed with resources in terms of clarity. Prayerful meditation is the key to tap into this level of clarity. Add fire to the northeast direction to build inner resources that lead to external resources.

Center: It is best to avoid major life decisions this month, as the center point holds a chaotic and potentially volatile energy. Remain methodical in anything you do this month. Keep this energy in check with strong metal element placed in the center of the home.

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