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Standing in The Middle of Change

Updated: May 11, 2022

Radiant Mind

Can you stand in the middle of change with strength, resilience, and a radiant mind?

The month of May awakens the Snake totem symbolizing transformation of energy from a lower vibration to higher aspects of the mind, body, and spirit.

Just as the snake sheds its skin creating a fascinating metamorphosis, we too can leave behind old patterns and change the way we think, act, and approach life.

Self-awareness is a key factor in the transformation process. When you are aware of what is happening around you it is easier to find your way around situations that arise. The question is; "Can you find an equanimous mindset when you shift from habitual patterns that are responsible for disruptive behaviors to what the Buddhist refers to as “The radiant calm mind?” In essence, by shifting from a conditioned mind, you can discover freedom. Freedom from perception or views you may be clinging to.

Change is going to stir up stuff and tempt you to run the other way but can you resist this urge and remain calm? It is possible if you choose your thoughts carefully, remain focused with a calm radiant mind.

Remember, every experience we have in life is for one purpose – spiritual growth. We are all invited to the party of growth and transformation. The question is, "Will you choose growth or will you remain in the anchors of old behavioral patterns? The choice is yours.

Equanimous Mind: