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Spiritual Awakening Emerges Beneath The Disarray

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

As we move out of the chaos from the past three years and enter into a calmer energy in 2023 (Rabbit Year), it is time to let old patterns and structures be pulled apart so powerful frequencies can emerge and grow.

Winter consciousness is ready to move into a springtime of extraordinary hyperconsciousness. Are you ready for this emergence? To take advantage of this spiritual awakening, it is important to make way for this new and vibrant energy. This makes it a powerful time to clutter clear your home, your time, your relationships, and your life.

According to the Sexagenary cycle, we will not have another chance to experience this energy combination again for another 60 years!

Clearing your clutter can be a magical process in transmuting the energy in your space and ultimately your life. Healing unfolds and insights expand.

In Chinese Astrology, we are moving out of the year of the Tiger and into the Water Rabbit Year. The Tiger is represented by male forceful energy ready to pounce at any given point. Disruption in all facets of life was the overall harbinger of the Tiger energy. The Rabbit has a calmer disposition encoded with internal movement requiring flexibility and adaptability.

2023 is a time to create a peaceful environment so you can restore you personal energy especially after the year and month of the Tiger. The year of the Rabbit is a partifularly powerful time to plant the seeds for your future.

This is the year to clean up your clutter, tie up loose ends in your life, heal relationships (forgive or make amends), take the steps to heal your body, and have a clear vision of what you desire for your future. Now is the time. Every piece of clutter you remove in the next coming weeks will open the pathway for years to come. The time is now to plant the seeds of your future and the future of humanity.

When you clear the clutter you are essentially creating a safe space that will inspire you to break unhealthy patterns and accomplish your goals. When you let go of belongings you no longer need or enjoy you can make more room for the objects and circumstances that enrich your life. When you understand the power of intention during the clearing process you can improve your results tenfold. By removing the old you gain space for spiritual awakening that lifts your soul so you can begin planting the seeds of new beginnings.

Download Free Environment Assessment Sheet and Determine Where Your Clutter Is!

Clutter Location Checklist
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The Psychological Impact
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Mental & Physical Strategies
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