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Simple Tips to Know You Are on the Right Path

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

At some time or other we question if we're on our intended path. Life can be difficult and stressful and can make us feel trapped by our circumstances, but only if you let them.

When things are flowing with ease, the last thing on our mind is whether or not we are on the right path. Instead, the tendency is to simply let things unfold. Albeit this bodes well, we can still feel misdirected and lack motivation in our life.

Tips You Are on The Right Path:

  • You are confident and aware of what's happening inside you and around you. You practice self awareness which allows you to get outside of your mind and observe it in action.

  • You attract right people into your life. You have their back and they have yours.

  • You are aware of your natural talents, abilities, and mission in life. You are eager to serve others in alignment with your values.

  • You welcome guidance from others to continue to move forward on "next-level" goals.

  • You are living the life you imagined. You express your creativity and manifest your desires easily.

  • You show up each day for YOU. When you show up for yourself, you show up for others.

  • You practice healthy living principles - addressing mind, body and soul.

  • You connect with your spiritual essence and recognize the importance of having a relationship with the Divine.

Knowing you are on the right path is knowing your are in alignment with your soul's mission. We all have a purpose whether we realize it or not. The end goal of each of us is to help others who are stuck on their path to awaken and recognize their own gifts so they can share them with the universe.

Emblem of Peace

The month of July is associated with the sheep archetype. It is a time to explore how to peacfully coexist with others and to serve with gratitude so we can live in a world of beauty, order, and balance (Sattva). To live in such a state of being, it is essential to notice what is happening around you and within you. In other words, practicing self awareness.

Self awareness is the route to transformation. It opens the door to knowledge and wisdom. It is the ability to balance your inner and outer world which is based on the same fundamental forces of nature and the three Gunas; Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva.

Sattva means light, goodness, liberation and where everything is whole. To achieve a Sattvic life and world, things need to move. Rajas makes things happen, the spinning of ideas and putting them into action. In nature, it represents the season of Spring, birth and rapid growth. Tamas is a stabilizing force that pulls energy inward to return back to source. In nature, it represents the season of late fall into winter where vegetation wanes and returns back to the soil of the earth.

All things depend on a balanced relationship between the three Gunas. One can not exist without the other. For birth and growth to occur, there must be retreat and death so the cycle can continue.

In our daily lives these three aspects play out all the time. The problem is when we lose sight of what is happening around us and within us and become stuck in either tamas - a state of retrieval and stagnation or rajas - a constant state of spinning our wheels to achieve. It's of utmost importance to retreat and let go (Tamas), after working hard at achieving a goal. Think of the "letting go" phase as the pause between the in and out breath. This is the state of peace, liberation, and harmony or Sattva.

Today, make a point to look, listen and notice what is around you and within you.


July opens the gateway to nurturing relationships. This should always begin with self knowledge. If you do not know who you are how do you expect to relate to others? The art of creating right relationship comes from a balance between giving and receiving. It is living in trust and being willing to follow the highest good. You can begin with examining your relationship with your home. It's like developing an awareness of your soul. You are always in a partnership with your dwelling. Since home is where the heart is the inner heart supports and sustains every facet of your life too. The soul of your inner and outer home brings joy, happiness, and a sense of belonging to your life.

As you create beauty in your home you create beauty in your life. From this place you can give more and know the joy and balance necessary to receive.

To enhance the "nurturing" aspects of your home, place earth and fire elements in the Southwest and Northeast sectors. In the Southwest, include images and symbols of community/friends, and joyful living. In the Northeast, include books of higher learning, self-cultivation, spirituality and images that align with discovering your true self.

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