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Seats and Arbors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Gardens are a perfect place to sit and relax. Choosing the right seat is everything. The shape, pattern, or color on a bench or chair will effect the flow of chi (energy). A long straight bench with horizontal slats acts as a straight line to enhance the feel of an otherwise stagnant area, while a round chair with curved back helps the chi to flow smoothly. A solid, heavy stone seat would make a good stillness remedy. This bodes exceptionally well in high activity areas, as the stone becomes a tethering point.

When choosing the material for your seating, use the bagua for guidance. For example, stone seating bodes exceptionally well in earth and metal directions such as the southwest, northeast, west and northwest. Wooden chairs or benches are dynamic accents in the east, southeast or south directions. Also, be mindful of style choice when considering the portents of the bagua. For example, choose a more romantic feel when positioning seating in the southwest, while a carefree and playful design works best in the west.


Arbors make for very good feng shui as long as they are not overgrown, otherwise energy is unable to flow properly. It's a good idea to choose an arbor with a rounded top and weave scented plants throughout. This design will act two-fold. First, the rounded shape will encourage proper energy movement, and secondly, the scented plants will attract beneficial chi to the area.

Arbors are excellent accent pieces, especially in the east, southeast and south directions. An arbor in these directions can offer shade to an otherwise sun drenched part of the garden. Arbors also act as decorative borders separating one area of the garden from another. Depending on the size of the arbor, it can double as a protective roof over an eating area.

The next time you venture out to your garden to prune, plant or weed, make sure you enjoy some down time on your comfortable seating arrangement under the shelter of your fabulous arbor. It's worth the time and effort to create interesting choice seating under your artsy arbor!

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