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Making a Quantum Leap to an Abundant Life

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

You are capable of anything. This capability is a power that you've had in you all along. True power is held within. Unlocking your inner power gives you the ability to manifest everything and anything you want in life. So what's the hold up?

Did you ever consider the possibility the human mind isn't well. Think about this statement for a moment. If the human mind was well it would function silently in the background and do what you set it to do. Instead, the mind is filled with a cacophony of noise drawing attention to itself with its wild imaginings and conjectures. In yoga, we refer to this as the 'Monkey Mind.'

The mind incessantly carrys on from one story to another forcing you to pay heed. It simply will not let you be. If there's any consolation everbody is equally sick when it comes to the mind. And the strange thing is we all think this is normal.

You can get rid of this sickness. It will be a journey that requires time, but isn't that why we are all here in the flesh? Did we not come into the earthly plane to learn, grow and blossom so we can be the creator of our destiny? We all can change and be the master of our life. The way you do it is to change the mental model you've adopted from the beginning of your life.

Fertile Garden:

Have you ever had a garden? If so, you know how much time and effort it takes to create and maintain. It just doesn't appear and sustain itself. It requires good soil, mulch, weeding, planting and watering. Needless to say, a garden requires constant attention.

Your mind is the most fertile garden that you will ever see. It will bring forth the most amazing aspirations and motivations in your life. However, if you do not tend to your mind as you go through your day the weeds will spring up, take root and grow creating obstacles caused by the destructive thought patterns.

There are ways to become diligent about weeding, so you will create a spledid 'mind garden.' The obvious weed killer is meditation. The clarity you experience after a good meditation is not a once and done proposition. It requires constant work, reflecting, and above all, to seek out aids to keep your conscious mind on your spiritual quest.

Revision Technique

Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what is true and what is false. The only thing making it real is your internal expression. Try this simple technique on how to revise your past. 1. Change your current perspective on time being linear and instead think of it as a loop. 2. Looping time connects the past, present and future as all one entity. Therefore, if you change a belief about your past or future; your past, present and future will change. Revision of the past alters the future by substituting a past scenario for an ideal one, thereby modifying the belief system to conform to your vision.

3. When you are finished revising, let it go. Revision is the ultimate way to forgive people, self, and situations.

Taking Action

Nothing happens until you take action. Once you begin the process of taking action, all of your ideas and thoughts will lead you to happiness and success. You can learn how to attract beneficial circumstances and become a magnet of certainty and optimism. This is based on the 'Spirit of Harmony and Divine Order.' This principle works the collective effort as well as an individual effort. Closed-minded thinking is based on a lower frequency, slower manifestations, fear, unfairness, and scarcity. Open-minded thinking is based on soul identity, higher frequency, unity and instant manifestations.

Rise in consciousness and realize we belong to the most creative and advanced part of God, Universe, Source, Creator. Stop looking for something or someone outside of you and put your faith and trust in the God of your understanding, the awareness of being what you desire to be. There is no pre-destine path. You are the creator of your reality.

The time is NOW!

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