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Invite the Spirit Energy of the Dog

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of October shifts into a combination of the "Dog" spirit and clear sightedness of the visionary and the guidance of gifted leadership.

The dog is known for several attributes including loyalty, service, courage, support, faithfulness and family. These are characteristics to be mindful of as you navigate through the month of October.

Over the centruries, dogs have played essential roles in our society. They are our mentors, companions, partners in work and play, as well as our teachers.

In general, Dog symbolism reminds us that kindness will get you a lot further than criticism. In other words, be gentle to yourself and those around you.

The Dog symbolism reminds you to always be loyal and truthful to yourself. Therefore, make a point of being your own best friend. Furthermore, with self respect, kindness and loyalty, you can love yourself first. This makes it a whole lot easier to love others.

Sometimes dog symbolism can represent confusion when it comes to loyalties. In other words, when you try to be everything for everyone, you end up losing sight of yourself. Learning to set boundaries and simply saying "no" will actually give you the space to piece together what is right for you. That is the only way to get clear on what you want in life and open to your highest potential.

When you come from a place of higher self, your intentions are refined, you create beauty, and live in clarity and order. This is the space where clear sightedness resides. This is the space where gifted leadership shows up. You become inspired and inspire those you encounter on your path.

Positive Energy Points

The visionary, mentor and gifted leadership qualites creates a patternof energy this month that navigates from the center outwards. The positive points of entry are as follows:

South: Water meets fire to release your soul's intention this month. The steam that rises when these two elements meet represents your intentions and prayers moving towards the heavens.

October is a month to evaluate your goals and how they align to your life's journey. Is your career in alignment with your soul's intention/life purpose? If not, take the necessary steps to align yourself so you can take action.

Mitigate these opposing elements (water and fire) by placing a thriving plant in the south portent. Let your dreams soar as you continue on right path.

Southwest: Energetically, there is an urge to create something new this month especially when it comes to business relationships. Innovation is the key dynamic to enbrace this energy.

There is an underlying resistance that arises between the elements in this direction that requires a smoldering effect. You can easily achieve this by placing the element of fire in the southwest portent. In doing so, you will ground the otherwise fast moving energy that rises here and create clarity for this new project.

West: Resources are plentiful this month especially when you are creative about how you will put them into action. The more innovative you are, the more these resources will work for you. Creating "mindspace" to innovate is most advantageous. Sometimes watching how children play is just what you need to spark that creative flare. Support these resources with strong earth element placed in the western portent.

Northeast: Don't skimp on your meditation practice this month. Daily routine is essential to invite the visionary that resides within. This will spark inspiration and leadership qualities that others are looking for from you. This energy reminds us to refine our intentions for our life purpose so clarity and order are a part of normal routine. Add the element of fire this month to the northeast sector and let your inner light burn bright.

Yoga Pose

This month is captured by three elements (Earth, Fire and Metal). Working with these elements can be exhilarating yet grounding to keep your vision clear on the path you desire to travel.

Warrior 2: This pose captures all three elements (Earth, Fire and Metal) making this the premier pose for the month of October.

The earth quality is capture through the lower part of the body anchoring into the earth. Here you open the energy portal of the root creating a centering and grounding impact to your vision.

The rebounding impact from the root triggers the navel to move upward and backwards activating the fire of your will. Use this fire wisely - for the benefit of self exploration and service to others.

The upper part of the body softens as the gateway to the crown opens to the natural electromagnetic energy of pure chi (metal) from deep within the planet earth rises and is captured by way of the heavens. Follow your higher state of awaeness.


Below are basic alignment cues when practicing this pose. Good alignment is essential for energy to flow properly.

  • Activate your legs by hugging muscle to bone.

  • Create strong energetic lines under side of arms.

  • Invite the shoulders to soften away from the ears and accept gravity.

  • Front thigh parallel to the earth.

  • Slight external rotation front thigh - knee moves towards pinky side of front foot.

  • Back heel anchors, inner arch is light.

  • Pelvis widens.

  • Spine perpendicular to the earth and sacrum descends.

  • Engage lower locks (feet, root (perineum), and belly moves up and toward back spine).

Enjoy the power you feel in this pose. What you envision you is accomplish!


In order to have focus we need to escape to focus. It's essential we create space in our mind to design our life. By setting aside "distraction-free" space to do absoulutely nothing other than think is the most effective way to capture clear sightedness.

Here are some simple techniques to create mindspace:

  • Discern the vital few from the trivial many. This means explore and evaluate a broad set of options before comminting to any. The idea is to say no more than yes.

  • The beauty of being unavailable. Before committing to something or someone, decide why you are doing it. Is it because you feel guilty or want to be thought of as the "good person" who does it all? Warning!!! That is the sure way to stir up resentment and bog down your mind and life with clutter. The essentialist chooses to create space to explore and ponder the situation before diving into something that may not serve his/her life or someone else's very well.

  • Set aside "Think TIme" into every day. A good practice is to start your day with inspirational literature such as the Bible or the Wisdom of Confucius. The idea is to choose something that was written before our hyperconnected era and yet seems timeless.

Whether you can invest two hours a day or two minutes a day, it's important to make space to escape your busy life.

Happy October!

Mary Jane

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