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Intent - The Connecting Link to All Things

A strong purpose or aim accompanied by determination is the driving force behind intention. At some time or other, we all have experienced the qualities of intention whether it was meeting a goal or fulfilling a long time dream. However, intention is more than being a super achiever or having a never-give-up attitude. Intent is a force that exists in the universe. It is not something you do, but rather it is an invisible force that exists for all to utilize.

The invisible force of intention is a powerful energy a person feels when inspired. This field of energy is built into everything in the universe. There is no place the field of intention is not. It pervades all of nature, humans, the cosmos, and anything you can imagine. That's because intention is pure, unbounded energy vibrating so fast that it defies observation.

At our core being we are formless energy, and in that formless spiritual field, intention resides. Therefore, intent is at the very framework of who we are spiritually and physically. The only way we disconnect from the field of intent is to believe we are seaprate from it.

As soon as you think you are separate from Source, which is the field of intent, you deactivate this energy field. To reactivate it, simply connect to Source and you will attain a higher level of awareness. You'll begin to feel purpose in your life, and you'll be guided by your higher self.

When your infinite self takes the lead your ego or shadow self diminishes. This is an essential step as no matter how hard you try, intention can't be accessed through ego. When you weaken the ego, you can seek intention and maximize your potential.

When life appears to be working against you recognize you are out of harmony with the energy field of intention. Reconnect in a way that will bring you into alignment with your life purpose. Open up, stay alert, be willing to accept guidance that comes your way. Most of all, stay in vibrational harmony with Source.

Your Home - Your Story

Your house tells a story about your experiences, the joys, achievements, struggles and challenges. On the path of life “We” collectively share similar desires. We all want a strong family unit, financial abundance, life purpose, companionship, hobbies we enjoy, travel, mentors, a thriving career, and spiritual growth. One of the easiest ways to support these desires is to support the environment we choose to live in. The connection between “self” and “space” is powerful. There is no distinguishing point between the two.

How you choose to design your environment reflects your inner psyche. If you want to change how you are experiencing any aspect of your life, begin by manipulating your environment. Through the vibration of color, natural materials, artwork, sound, smell, and symbols, we can impact our own vibration.

The Law of Resonance is a combination of two energy vibrations (in this case self and space), to release a third vibration or the Law of Attraction. Weaving the these dynamics together while remaining in a state of 'intent' will change the way you experience your life journey.

In my Codes of Creation Mastermind System, you will learn the intricacies of how to read the language of the universe that encompasses the pure energy field of 'intent' and how to weave it into your life through specific meditations, sacred form, yoga practices, and the power of conscious design.

Your home tells your story. Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting. You are attracting these things by virtue of the images and thoughts you are holding in your mind. These thoughts are projected into your living space. Every thought you hold is a real thing - a force held within the energetic field that creates a web around you. The key is to break through the web held together by lower energy waves. Increase your frequency wave internally and you will increase the freqeuncy wave externally into your enviornment.

July Points of Interest

Each month new energy is patterned throughout nature. This energy has a direct impact of how we experience daily life. Below are some highlight points of energy for the month of July. Explore different pathways to achieve harmony and growth in all things you start anew this month. Freedom is an important factor to infuse in your daily routine. Being unfettered is essential as well as maintaining a systematic approach to any new ideas.

Avoid letting your emotions to cloud your vision. Adding the element of water to the east portent of your home or office this month bodes well.

Relatioships this month are gaining strenght and momentum. Be considerate and mindful with co-workers by creating a calming effect in the work environment. Carry this calming behavior to your personal relationships too. The result is harmonious partnering energy that will carry through to any new goals or vision for this month. Adding a fire element to the southwest portent of your home or office will propel this fortuitous combination.

Resources expand this month for career and new opportunities. Discover any underutilized talent or skills you may have neglected and bring them to the forefront. There are endless possibilites when it comes to resources available to you this month. Hone your focus by taking time each day to meditate or take a nature walk. Add a healthly plant and fire element to the north portent of your home or office to build this energy.

Self-cultivation this month leads to untapped opportunities and mentoring skills. Pay attention to detail, enhance your problem solving skills, and continue to explore new avenues of networking and leadership opportunities. Adding strong earth elements including crystals to the northeast portent of your home or office this month bodes well.

*For personalized assessmnet of what to look for in the month of July email me:*

Codes of Creation Mastermind System

Humanity tends to fight against things we do not want which actually draws more attention to attracting those very things. What you resist persists because you are actually driving energy towards it so it continues.

Life is meant to be abundant. Nothing is limited. Limitation is only in the human mind. The Codes of Creation Mastermind System takes you on a journey that captures the language of the universe, nature, the power behind conscious design that acts as a magnet for abundance, the specific codes of creation patterned in unique meditations and yoga sequences that imprints the energy body.

My Mastermind System will take you through the invisible and formless field that manages the physical world and every part of you, including your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, and of course your physical body. We all have access to this ENERGY FIELD. AreYou Ready to Live at Higher Energy Levels and Tap Into These Fields?

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