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Beyond Space & Time

Einstein's theory that our experience of the physical world is relative is based on gravitational waves of space and time. Time is the fundamental basis of creation. One aspect of time relates to the physical nature of creation. Physical reality is cyclical: for example, a single rotation of the earth is a day, a revolution of the moon is a month, a revolution of the planet around the sun is a year. From the atomic to the cosmic, everything physical is always in cyclical motion.

There is an even more fundemental dimension of time that is beyond the cyclical. It is the ineffable dimension that holds the entire universe together. This is non-cyclical time, eternity, or the infinite expansive universe.

Only in time is space possible. And only because of space is form possible. This is where all physical reality becomes possible. This is where WE as human beings tend to see ourselves. In other words, we get caught up on the lower level of form. This is where we create our life experience from.

Everywhere in the world the spiritual process is about transcending the physcial world of form and returning to the realm of the formless world or eternity. In yogic tradition, the form level represents the root chakra where Shakti resides in a coiled shape. We have a choice on our journey to evolve and awaken the coiled serpent (Shakti) and rise upwards to the highest point and meet Shiva - a spiritual reunion to move beyond time and space and into the infinite state of spirit. This is where a new dimension opens- a dimension of the beyond.

Obviously, during our evolutionary process we experience a physical state of being or form. However, getting to know thyself (winthin) we can move between both realms and capture the essence of our higher state of being and transform the way we view things in the physcial realm.

When we dedicate time on our journey to rise into the higher energy states (chakras), we begin to dissolve our dilusions that are the root cause to the struggles we experience in life.

Our life experience is relative. It doesn't mean reality does not exist; it simply means that we are not seeing it the way it is. Let me repeat that...WE ARE NOT SEEING IT (LIFE) THE WAY IT IS. This is where resistance sets in and suffering is experienced in various aspects of our life. The impact you feel is where your attention is placed.

We all have a responsibility for our destiny. For the very way you see, hear, smell, taste and touch the world is your responsibility; it is your karma; it is the destiny you have written for yourself, unconsciously. It is your doing.

The spiritual process is about learning to write your destiny consciously. This is how you transform your life experience. There are many steps to this process and many different ways to achieve it. None of these ways are about filling up empty space with a new set of beliefs but rather enter the space which is LIFE. That space is at a higher frequency realm where clarity and conscious awareness resides.

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