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Are You Connected To The Field of Intention?

Where do you place your thoughts? Are they focused on what you want to create? Are you affected by negativity or do you have an inner conviction? Living connected to the field of intention keeps you open and available to success.

Connectors don't place their thoughts on what they don't want. Instead, they connect to Divine source. It's as simple as that!

When you are connected to Divine source you attract the right people and circumstances into your life at the right time. You find yourself in a natural rhythmn with the Universe and all things within it.

Connectors live in a state of gratitude, appreciation, praise, love, and abundance. They are not fault-finders - even bad weather can be enjoyed. They remain tuned at a high frequency level no matter what is going on around them.

Being a connector to intention means your thoughts are God's thoughts. You live from your spirit and not from your form. It becomes easy to tap into your intuition and align with nature and the cosmos. You feel empowered and invite others to join this high frequency field. I invite YOU to join this field when you enter into my Codes of Creation Mastermind System.


What is your vision for the next 12 months when it comes to:

  • Your Family

  • Your Physical and Mental Health

  • Your Financial Picture

  • Your Aspirations

  • Your Relationships

  • Your Community

  • Your Travel & Fun-Time

  • Your Spiritual Awareness

  • Your Dreams

  • Your Self Knowledge/Growth

Take your time to evaluate your present situation and where you need to make energetic shifts. Rome wasn't built in a day but there sure were plans on how to build it. Your life is no different. You need to take the time to map out a plan and how to navigate successfully through that plan.

Guidance System:

Everyone needs guidance on the path to manifesting a desired life. Sure, there are plenty of podcasts, articles, books and meditations on this topic. But how do you know what makes sense for YOU?

The process of elevating your frequency field theorectically sounds simple; think positive and you get your desired life. Albeit positivity plays a vital role, there are many other necessary components to actually shift your energy field. It's not a one and done by any any stretch of the imagination.

Nothing works independently in life or in the Universe. There are interacting energies that play a part on many levels. The key is to know how to work with these multiple energy levels and bring them into balance. That's where my Codes of Creation Mastermind System comes into play.

How the Codes of Creation Mastermind System Was Created:

ONLY 2 Spots left for the months of September and October!

Cycling With Nature:

Everything that exists in the external universe has its counterpart in the internal universe of the human body.

We are not only a part of the universe, each of us are a living microcosm affected by and influencing the greater macrocosm.

Nature is in a continuous flowing rhythm that moves through cycles of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. We can tune into these natural rhythms by adapting our daily routines, habits, food choices, and lifestyle.

One of the easiest ways to flow with nature is to observe how you breathe. The inhalation represents growth. Think of the spring and summer season with budding flowers from the soil of the earth. At the top of the in breath there is a pause signifying a shift from one season to the next. The exhalation represents a release and waning of vegetation as we experience during the autumnal season. The pause at the base of the inhalation represents a full retreat or introspection of winter. The next cycle begins with an inhalation or a rising and blossoming of growth.

The cycles of the breath are a miracle that move through our physical being, the physical planet and then to be restored and to rise up again.

Open The Doorways to Growth:

September begins the shift from summer to fall, from the element of fire to metal, and from the heat to cooler temperatures. It is a perfect time to sort through the excess and fine tune your focus. Here are some simple things you can do to open the doorways of inner growth.

Step 1: Remove any excess in your life including material objects may that have accumulated in the western portent of your home.

Step2: Introduce grounding earth elements and clarifying metal elements into your environment especially in the western portent.

Step 3: Spend quality time with yourself. Clarify what your intentions are for this seasonal shift and beyond.

Step 4: Slow down and reenvision your life mission.

Step 5: Establish a consistent routine and incorporate daily affirming thoughts.

Step 6: Pay attention to resources available from those who are closest to you.

Step 7: Reflect on all that you've been given and show gratitude for those gifts.

Step 8: Ask for guidance.

Happy Fall!🍂


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