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Weaving Harmony Through Playfulness

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of August represents the Monkey. This animal encapsulates three elements; Yang Metal, Yang Earth and Yang Water. These elements move in a harmonic cycle and can effectively help you to weave harmony into your life this month.

Yang Earth is a reminder to self- nourish by spending time with Mother Earth. Magic earth has the capacity to heal and balance your nervous system through Her Shuman waves. In addition, spending time in nature reconnects you to the wise elders of the earth.

Yang Metal is held deep within the earth. Capture the qualities of metal this month by using your ingenuity when confronted with challenges. Take a structured and organized approach to anything outside your comfort zone.

Yang Water is the result of using metal to its fullest extend. This creates a natural flow so you can be adaptable in any situation.

Combining the elements of the Monkey is an excellent way to weave harmony within yourself and others. However you approach these qualities, keep it light and playful like that of the Monkey.

The Monkey also reminds us, the earthly journey is not a solitary one. Compassion, understanding and bonding with others builds community. One of the monkey’s lessons is that your time on earth touches many other people.

There is a familiar theme with that of the previous month (Sheep) in terms of building community. This is why the Sheep and Monkey follow one another during the summer season.

The Monkey symbolizes the inner child, joy, and innocence. Playtime does your soul a world of good, so it is important to get out and play this month!

The Monkey is also highly creative. Therefore, if you find yourself in a tight situation this month, you’ll have the support of Monkey chi to solve the issue, as its spirit is great for untying your conundrum.

The Monkey is also the messenger of living your life with honor. Literally the saying; “Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil” comes from the meaning of the word “Monkey” in Japan. The phase represents the three monkeys who enforce an honorable way of living.

We all need a thread to weave harmony. Use nature as your thread this month. Sink your feet into the soil with every step you take. Imagine there are roots growing out from the soles of your feet and anchoring to the core of the earth. This image will keep you grounded and centered.

Whenever you are walking, bring awareness to the center of your chest this way you can lead with a joyful heart, a playful heart, and a heart that is woven with harmony.

Let your focus be inward so you can hear your truth. Your truth is what shapes your world and how you see other beings.

Remember, this world is not our home, we are just passing through. Weaving harmony through playfulness has a way of filling your own cup so you can fill the cup of others.

Keep a light and playful heart this month. It will fuel your soul.

Walk the Labyrinth

Labyrinths are symbolic of our life process and the death and rebirth cycle.

Labyrinths have a twisting, turning spiral path leading to a central point. They offer a direct experience of the energy of the spiral – a sacred geometric shape. Labyrinth designs appear throughout human history, sewn into basketry, etched on cliff walls, and built into the floors of cathedrals. Labyrinths create a sacred space where time slows down and the potential for growth and change is palpable.

Walking a labyrinth is a metaphor for life – the path shifts in unexpected ways, sometimes diverting you from your goal, but ultimately leading you to the center. Unlike a maze, there are no dead-ends.

The labyrinth is a powerful meditation tool, helping to quiet the mind and allowing time for personal reflection. This is a perfect way to discover answers to questions you hold in your subconscious mind. Ask the question and then proceed to walk or finger trace the labyrinth toward the center. The process automatically draws you deeper into yourself, towards your own center; as you trace the path back out, you emerge with new-found clarity and connection to your true self.

Harmony in the Home

This month the trigram Gen enters the center of the home. It represents the strength and immovable mountain with a strong base supported by the earth.

Gen is associated with inner knowledge and self-cultivation. It is rich in resources filled with inspirations beyond space and time. The nurturing silence of the mountain beckons you to BE STILL. Therefore, consistent meditation practice is a must this month.

Nature hikes are also favorable this month especially around mountainous terrain. Hiking or walking meditations are a perfect way to absorb the energetic qualities of Gen trigram.

Evaluate the rooms in your home that are located in the Northeast portent. Make sure you remove clutter or anything in disrepair. It's important the energy can flow freely as it will have a direct impact on how you can navigate through the thoughts in your mind.

Additional Tips: Include any of the following elements in Northeast Rooms

  • Animal images

  • Star shapes

  • Candles

  • Fire accent colors

  • Stone materials

  • Crystals

  • Sage image

  • Mountain terrain image

  • Meditation materials

Power Spots:

The following directions hold powerful energy for the month of August. This is a generalized assessment based on Time & Space dynamics.

  • East - Inviting the energy of mentors and opportunity for family leads to abundant blessings. Add healthy plant and candles here to generate this positive energy.

  • South - Windfalls with seeing your goals to fruition. Temper this energy with fire element (candles).

  • West - Go with the flow and be creative with your career/work this month. The portent elementally fuels this fabulous energy!

  • Northwest - Future wealth when you follow your goals to fruition. Heed the advice of mentor. Add virtual water element with healthy plant to fuel this power spot.

  • Center - Rich resources and assistance when it comes to financial gains. Activity with moving water or bright lighting placed in the center of your home to catapult this energy.

Simple Meditation to Train the Mind

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