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Weaving Harmony Through Playfulness

The month of August represents the Monkey. This animal encapsulates three elements; Yang Metal, Yang Earth and Yang Water. These elements move in a harmonic cycle and can effectively help you to weave harmony into your life this month.

Yang Earth is a reminder to self- nourish by spending time with Mother Earth. Magic earth has the capacity to heal and balance your nervous system through Her Shuman waves. In addition, spending time in nature reconnects you to the wise elders of the earth.

Yang Metal is held deep within the earth. Capture the qualities of metal this month by using your ingenuity when confronted with challenges. Take a structured and organized approach to anything outside your comfort zone.

Yang Water is the result of using metal to its fullest extend. This creates a natural flow so you can be adaptable in any situation.

Combining the elements of the Monkey is an excellent way to weave harmony within yourself and others. However you approach these qualities, keep it light and playful like that of the Monkey.

The Monkey also reminds us, the earthly journey is not a solitary one. Compassion, understanding and bonding with others builds community. One of the monkey’s lessons is that your time on earth touches many other people.

There is a familiar theme with that of the previous month (Sheep) in terms of building community. This is why the Sheep and Monkey follow one another during the summer season.