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Thanksgiving Gratitude and Yogic Philosophy

Thanksgiving is nearly here. As a yogi, I thought it could be interesting to apply the rich ancient history of yogic philosophy to your Thanksgiving this year.

1. Saucha - The practice of purity and cleanliness has always been held in high esteem. Ancient yogis believed that purity of the body was just as important as purity of the mind. Both external and internal rituals are helpful and can be very soothing. Imagine every time you wash your hands or bathe that you are cleansing your inner spirit and mind. Give a small bow of thanks for the running water that cleanses you.

2. Satya - There is nothing more powerful than the truth. Let truth be your guide. Show gratitude for those who stand up for the truth and share it with us. Yogis have always regarded truth as one of the most important and fundemental apsects of the practice. Give thanks for the power of TRUTH.

3. Be Thankful for Your Teachers - Our lives are filled with teachers whether we realize it or not. If we view everyone and everything that crosses our path as a teacher, then we will never miss a lesson. Give thanks for every hardship, success, and bump in the road that you have encountered that has taught you something meaningful.

4. Appreciate Life Force - Every time you breathe you are taking in life force energy. In yoga, the breath is considered a sacred force. It sustains us and acts as the living thread between all beings. Take the time to show gratitude and appreciation for this powerful form of prana and chi, life -force energy.

5. Unity - The underlying principle behind yoga is union. Union at its core is about connection. In the practice of yoga, there is a union or yoking between the mind and body by way of the breath. When we learn to connect to self first, it is easier to connect with others. Untiy is the foundation to peace.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful concept as the holiday is devoted to giving thanks and expressing gratitude. Give thanks for all that you have this year. May you be blessed with insight and grace today and always.


November is the month for self-cultivation that ultimately builds knowledge. Meditation is at the heart of self-cultivation and knowledge. How much time do you spend in the Quiet? Are you able to hear, truly hear the inspirations from beyond this time and space? The nurturing silence beckons you to be still and listen to your inner self. Here is where you receive cosmic insight and ageless wisdom.

Let go and allow your true nature to shine through. Reconnect with your true self . When your inner self is free, then you can build knowledge and soar. The simple act of sitting quietly promotes peace, tranquility, grounding, and noble heartedness. Wisdom is gained from within. This process enables you to deepen your relationship with true self. From this place you are able to trust your inner knowing and make sound decisions and take right actions.

Original Consciousness

November awakens the archetype of the Pig. This energy awakens heavenly guidance, abundance and strength that is naturally activated when we are drawn into the energy field where all creative processes occur.

This is the field where original consciousness resides. It is the fullness of nauture which is behind all things. From this perspective, we recognize that what seems deficient in actuality is abundant. Little is much, fear becomes courage, illness becomes health, doubt becomes belief, falsehoods transform to truth, the unknown becomes the known. For this is the state of the new reality we are about to enter.

The journey this month is about a willingness to release the old so new shoots can rise and take hold in your life. The Pig archetype implores us to persevere, have courage, make right decisions and cultivate discipline to pave the way to your true greatness.

Original Consciousness Brief Video

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