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Community: The Divine's Design for Growth

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Community is about growing with others. It's all about a connection, feeling accepted for who you are and feeling supported.

The month of July supports this concept as the architype or totem is the Sheep. The sheep is the embodiment of God's people and an emblem of peaceful co-existence with the ability to follow guidance from mentors and to establish community.

The Sheep's mantra is "For the Good of Other's." A true community seeks this mantra. Unfortunately, all to often, this is easily forgotten as many communities are built around like-mindedness. One should bare in mind there is a place for everyone, something for everybody. The sheep reminds us to be kind even to those who demean.

It can be easy to get caught up in fanatical solidarity. However, this only creates a disconnect from what is seemingly "other." We as humans crave and require interaction with others. More than anything we need love, understanding, and respect. We can provide that for ourselves but no one is an island. To quote John Donne: " No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." The end goal should be uniting with others, as this leads back to creation. We cannot survive alone.

The word community is derived from the Latin word "communitas." It is to commune or to experience heightened receptivity. When we come together, we can achieve so much more than we can independently. Forming communities makes this world a more stable, hopeful and peaceful place.

Sheep Symbolism:

The Sheep is about new beginnings. It’s time to stop butting heads with the people around you. The Sheep is opportunistic taking risk where many others would not. Therefore, it is important to be aware of any opportunities that present this month. With the sure-footedness of the sheep behind you, even the tiniest opportunity is worth the leap.

The Sheep is also humble and peaceful enjoying the presence of family around. Therefore, July is a month to support family and be nourished by their blessings.

The Sheep is also born under the totem of the Ram. The spiral horns represent infinity. This month it is important to go for it, and go for it big! Pushing past barriers is essential if you want to plug into the boundless abundance the universe provides.

Feng Shui Trigram:

Each month a new trigram enters the center of the loshu map. This emboldens the frequency of that specific trigram. The month of July explores the trigram Li. It is female in gender representing young female and represents the fire of the sun and electromagnetic forces of the stars. It is associated with goals, intentions, and mission in life. This becomes another marker for the month of July. Pay attention to your life intentions, visualize the life you desire and welcome it in.

Physically, this trigram represents the fire organs (heart, cardiovascular, eyes and small intestines). Therefore, these organs tend to have more vulnerability this month.

The combination of the trigram Li with the elements of the Sheep (yin earth, yin fire, and yin wood) add an additional layer of attributes to consider personally and professionally this month. Here they are:

· Be articulate

· It's essential to be resilient

· You may encounter difficulty with decision making process

· Practice your networking skills

· Place importance on self-confidence

· Be resourceful

· Have a mind-set to help others

· Consider fresh perspective

· Be detail oriented

· Be devoted to whatever your mission is

· Exploring new things

· Learn from mistakes

Powerful Energy Points:

There are several direction portents this month that contain a natural higher vibration that will impact your life. Here is a basic overview of these points. (*Email me for Personalize report for your home:

Southeast: Lots of potential resources for financial gain. General analysis is to add strong fire element and moving water (avoid real water in kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms).

Southwest: Pay attention to elder male offering mentoring and networking assistance. This bodes exceptionally well. General analysis is to add strong earth element.

Northwest: Natural flow of energy directly from mentors and networking to navigate career potential. General assessment is to add strong metal element here.

Northeast: Very active energy representing windfalls but strong meditation practice is essential. General assessment is to add strong fire element.

Center: Future wealth star based on intention, goals, affirmations and life purpose focus. General assessment is to add strong fire element.

Relaxing the Mind & Body Using Your Breath:

Alternate nostril breathing can have far- reaching effects to steady the mind and relax the body. This is a simple yet highly effective way to remain grounded, centered and on purpose. Take a moment to watch my video on this powerful breathing technique.

Farm to Table:

July is a fabulous month to treat yourself to farm to table eatery. The benefits are endless when it comes to eating fresh locally grown foods. You are not only supporting your local restaurant community but you are practicing good self-care. You can enjoy your meal knowing just what's in it - natural ingredients.

Another benefit is knowing these foods aren't shipped, stored and aged. They are simply more nutritious. When you dine out at a farm-to-table restaurant, you are helping the environment, too. Because local foods are transported small distances so less fuel is consumed.

July being the month of the Sheep is in perfect alignment to fresh grown foods from

Mother Earth. The yin earth quality of the sheep is receptive and nurturing just as Mother Earth is nurturing and receptive to all living things. Everything has an energetic vibration including food. Fresh grown food and herbs are a perfect way to increase your own vibration. The higher your frequency the more in line you are to your life purpose. Remember, July awakens the trigram Li that calls into action living your life on purpose.

Happy July!

Mary Jane

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