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April - The Month of Abundance

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Abundance is defined as a great or plentiful amount. Many times we perceive abundance as a state of having material things and the plenty of wealth. This is a limited way of thinking. Abundance does not necessarily mean being rich. Abundance has many aspects and appears in numerous forms. It is also considered an essential aspect of God, which manifests in our lives in many ways. Some positive and some negative.

By and large, human nature is to gravitate towards the desires of wealth. However, material wealth also has limitations. It does not satisfy the human spirit and therefore it is essential to open our mind to other aspects of abundance. This includes but not limited to health, relationships, talents, skills, truth, justice, knowledge, virtue, courage, peace, etc. The list is endless.

Anything in excess can control our lives. My mother would always say, "everything in moderation." This is how to effectvely maintain balance in your life. It is ineffective to focus on any one form of abundance. This is especially so when it comes to wealth, as it can not guarantee you a life of true fulfillment. It is far better to focus your attention upon attracting the natural abundances that you already have and share them with others. In the process you will naturally attract other forms of abundance to you.

The universe has a funny way of conspiring to assist you on your journey and fulfilling your life purpose. As you surround yourself with positive energy, you will automatically attract favorable circumstances. As long as you maintain the approach of sharing and giving you will naturally accumulate even more.

When you open the doorway to your natural gifts, the universe easily sends forth abundances your way. This doesn't mean you will not encounter obstacles along the way but if you remain focused, centered, maintain positive thoughts, and unwaivering faith you will succeed.

Life Fulfilling Abundances:

There is more to life than the material aspects. I think that's obvious for most people. One of the most important abundances you can be blessed with is good health. There are several contributing fators to good health such as genetics, environment, and taking preventative measures like eating healthy, exercise, meditation, and a clean environment. Having abundant health doesn't come without effort. You may be blessed with good family genes, but you still need to make responsible lifstyle choices.

Knowledge is another type of abundance that can assist you in the pursuit of your life goals and soul's mission. Gaining mastery and excellence in your field can unlock the doors to other types of abundances, including fame, wealth, status, dignity, and so forth.

Knowledge also can open the door to intelligence. This gives you the ability to see things clearly and assist in making right decisions. When your mind is free of illusions you are able to discern reality from irrational thinking behavior.

Courage is another form of abundance. Fear and doubt are obstructive forces that prevent the flow of abundance in your life. They prevent you from utilizing your full potential and being able to share your talents with others effectively. Without self confidence and self esteem, it becomes very difficult to realize your goals.

Morality is another type of abundance. Anything you are trying to pursue in life must not sacrifice integrity, morality or virtue. When the small mind takes the lead in your pursuit of abundance, the liklihood is unethical behavior is involved. Albeit you may acquire material wealth, it will not present as a blessing but rather a curse. The aim should be toward authenticity, truth and integrity. These behaviors are the cornerstone real abundance.

Positive thinking has a tremendous impact on our ability to obtain abundance. When you see the glass half full verses half empty, your perspective is in alignment with channeling positive energies. Positive energies naturally attracts positive abundances.

Patience is a tremendous attribute to master. Success in life requires patience along with discipline and perseverance. The pursuit of your goals should never be rushed. This leads to impulsive behavior and most likely poor choices. Sometimes it is better to wait rather than forcing the process. When you try to control circumstances you will block the natural energy flow of opportunities, people, and situations that will present at the right time.

Abundance is everywhere around us, in us, and without us. Trust in the process and then let it go.

Give & Receive

In all the asking don't forget to give. Giving to others with no expectation of return increases your overall success. A giving mindset is easily obtained when your enter situations looking for ways to help others. When you are energized and on the path to accomplishing your goals, you are willing to help others achieve their goals. The universe operates on the principle of giving and receiving. It is a dynamic exchange. If you enter each day with a mindset to give, you shall receive. Wherever you go, and whoever you encounter, give them a gift. A cheerful smile, a kind word, or a simple blessing is all it takes. Remember to be open to receiving from others, as this too is part of the laws of the universe.

Sculpt Good Habits

You can shape your ideal self by sculpting positive habits. Think about some positive habits you would like to incorporate in your life. They can be anything from improving your diet, exercising, taking a weekly yoga class, learning a new language, incorporating a prayer rountine, or limiting your time on social media. The list is endless. Take it slow and focus on one habit per month. Think about it, that's 12 positive habits in a year! Patience and discipline are key aspects to this process. If you do a little bit each day you'll be amazed how much you will accomplish. Consistency is more important than perfection. If you only focus on being perfect, you'll have great difficulty moving forward and attracting more abundance in your life.


April is also the month of integrity and illumination. The 9 Li star enters the central point where all other aspects of your life revolve. Therefore, your focus this month should be centered around illuminating your life purpose. Following your bliss ignites a sense of passion from your soul. When you are in-spirit, you are enthusiastic to accomplish your life goals. This leads to opening the door to your higher calling. You discover who you are, there is clarity in your destination, and you are excited to share your natural gifts with others. From a feng shui perspective, fire is the element of integrity. Fire clings to its' objects fueling itself. In the process it burns away what is not essential. This process creates space and light so transformation can occur. Symbolically, it is about living in perfect balance with one's own temple, or your inner truth. Inner truth opens the door to enlightenment and helps you to express the best You!

Other Points of Interest This Month:

When the fire star enters the center, there are other aspects of focus to be aware of too. Abundance will have a state of plentitude this month when you communicate your goals so others are aware of them. This is how you will put into motion potential opportunities or attract right people who can open up doors for you. This is part of the giving and receiving process. If you give before you ask for something, the process will unfold with ease and grace.

Prepare this month with the necessary research to support your goals. Reach out to those who have experience in what you are in pursuit of. Accept their guidance and be willing to network with them. Most of all, take time on a daily basis to get quiet, meditate, and listen to the words of wisdom from your higher self.

Yoga Poses:

The process of transformation requires a release of what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Twisting poses bode well to release toxins in the body and mind. The twisting process gives the yogi the opportunity to look into the subconscious mind where stuck patterns are imprinted and reveal them to the front brain for clarity. The twisting or spiraling motion of these poses also corresponds to the evolution of humanity or the spirals of creation.

Crescent Lunge Twist - Parivrtta Anjaneyasana

You can take this pose from Downward Facing Dog or from standing. From downdog, plant your right foot in between your hands and rise. From Standing, Step back deeply with your left foot.

Stack your back heel over the ball of your back foot. Sink your hips towards the ground, stack your front knee over your ankle. Lift the front of your pelvis and hug both sides of your body into your centerline. Puff your back knee up towards the sky to add muscle action and stabilize. To add twist, bring your hands to heart center. Lean forward on an inhale as you draw your belly in and up to create space. Hook your left elbow on your right now. Take your gaze over your right shoulder. Press your shoulder blades into your mid back. With each inhale extend and with each exhale twist deeper.

Revolved Standing Half Moon - Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana

Start in a lunge position with your right leg forward and your left leg back (knee off the floor), fingertips on the floor. Begin to shift more weight onto your front foot and fingertips, and on an inhale, float your back leg up for a modified warrior III, fingertips on the floor (or on blocks) in front of you, and your left leg lifted behind you, hips level with the floor.

Keep your back heel at hip-level (but not higher than hip-level, which tends to strain the lower back). Lengthen through your spine, and align the back of your head with the back of your pelvis.

Bring your right hand to your hip to begin. Lift your back inner thigh up. Ground through the mound of your right big toe and your right outer heel, and move your right outer hip back (bending the front knee can help). Inhale, lengthen your spine, and on an exhale, initiate the twist from the back of your left rib cage. Keep the twist primarily in your middle back, and keep your back heel at hip-height (it will want to drop). If your shoulders are completely stacked, then you can lift your top arm straight up. Otherwise, keep working the twist with your hand on your hip. Keep the back of your head and the back of your pelvis aligned and look straight ahead, or turn your head to look up if that feels comfortable for your neck.


For more stability, practice the pose with your back foot pressing into a wall behind you.

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