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April - The Month of Abundance

Abundance is defined as a great or plentiful amount. Many times we perceive abundance as a state of having material things and the plenty of wealth. This is a limited way of thinking. Abundance does not necessarily mean being rich. Abundance has many aspects and appears in numerous forms. It is also considered an essential aspect of God, which manifests in our lives in many ways. Some positive and some negative.

By and large, human nature is to gravitate towards the desires of wealth. However, material wealth also has limitations. It does not satisfy the human spirit and therefore it is essential to open our mind to other aspects of abundance. This includes but not limited to health, relationships, talents, skills, truth, justice, knowledge, virtue, courage, peace, etc. The list is endless.

Anything in excess can control our lives. My mother would always say, "everything in moderation." This is how to effectvely maintain balance in your life. It is ineffective to focus on any one form of abundance. This is especially so when it comes to wealth, as it can not guarantee you a life of true fulfillment. It is far better to focus your attention upon attracting the natural abundances that you already have and share them with others. In the process you will naturally attract other forms of abundance to you.

The universe has a funny way of conspiring to assist you on your journey and fulfilling your life purpose. As you surround yourself with positive energy, you will automatically attract favorable circumstances. As long as you maintain the approach of sharing and giving you will naturally accumulate even more.

When you open the doorway to your natural gifts, the universe easily sends forth abundances your way. This doesn't mean you will not encounter obstacles along the way but if you remain focused, centered, maintain positive thoughts, and unwaivering faith you will succeed.

Life Fulfilling Abundances:

There is more to life than the material aspects. I think that's obvious for most people. One of the most important abundances you can be blessed with is good health. There are several contributing fators to good health such as genetics, environment, and taking preventative measures like eating healthy, exercise, meditation, and a clean environment. Having abundant health doesn't come