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Ancient Solutions for Happiness

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

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Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca A.D. 58, was a happiness expert, writing throughout hs life about the ancient concept of 'eudaemonia,' which means "living in agreement with nature." When we live in agreement with the cycles of nature, we are essentially moving towards the sensation of inner peace.

Seneca lists eleven of the most important lessons he believed one must follow to achieve peace and ultimately happiness with the most important one to maintain equanimity in the face of personal chaos. Here are the 11 lessons:

1.Manage your emotional extremes so they do not manage you. When you maintain a state of equanimity there is less chance of negative emotions or catastrophizing.

2. Employ physical and intellectual fitness as they are the central component to living a happy life. As an easy rule of thumb, read and walk each day.

3. Let go of attachment to 'things.' Seneca's assertion is that an attachment to riches or material things will bring misery. Simply put, materialism can lower well-being and raise depression.

4. All things belong to all people. The idea is based on we are all 'one;' so holding on to what you have too tightly will once again cause misery.

5. Practice charity as it becomes the gift to the giver. Service to others is one of the easiest ways to get happy!

6. All things in moderation. In Seneca's view this leads to inner peace. Think about it, if you eat, drink, or work too much how do you feel?

7. The true value of what you do is not how much it costs you, but how much it benefits you and others. If you take this lesson to heart, it can change your priorities and perhaps your life.

8. Do everything because of conscience and not for public opinion. The idea is to resist social comparison and to act in private the same as you would in public.

9. "Love your enemies." That's a tough one but a powerful one. When you can celebrate difference you can experience true joy.

10. Act like God is watching. Kindness and generosity will not only benefit the people you give to but you as well.

11. Always take the opportunity to give to others. Encouraging others, teaching children, and caring for those in need leads to self-fulfillment and happiness.

October Home:

October awakens the Dog archetype. In Chinese Feng Shui Astrology, this animal resides in the Northwest direction providing strong earth to fuel the metal direction. Dogs represent the symbol of strength, protection, loyalty, and determination. They remind us of our path and enhance our self-awareness. The dog archetype reminds us to be loyal to self and others, to maintain integrity, and to have patience.

The strong earth quality of the dog provides a grounding energy that is especially helpful during the season of 'air or vata.'

To magnify the earth quality of the dog archetype, accent with earth elements in the northwest portent of your home. This will in effect activate the trigram Qian representing helpful people, networking, mentorship, heavenly guidance and new opportunites. Earth components include various stones, square or rectangular shapes, plaid patterns, or earthy color pallete.

Metal accents also bode well to assist the energy patterns for this direction. You can achieve this by metal accents, round or oval shapes, or creamy whites and gray pallets. By activating this area you can draw the right people and opportunities to you including mentors or guides to assist you on your journey.

For greater explanation and guidance on how to navigate the feng shui map of life to enhance your environment so you can be supported as you manifest your life vision click here.

Navigating Energy

There are several good energy points you can work with this month when it comes to career, relationships, family, and self-cultivation. Career: Lots of resources are available but it requires self-cultivation. It's essential to spend some quiet time so you are able to truly hear inspirations from beyond this time and space. This is where you can experience an intertwining of clarity and purpose in your chosen career. Turning within keeps you centered and strenghtens your connection to self and others. You'll notice you can work in the flow and create days filled with abundant opportunities.

To capture these resources place a healthy plant and virtual water element in the north direction of your home or office space.

Relationships: Integrity and be true to your mission in life builds the quality of your relationships at home, on the job, and in your community. When you live with intention, you are living in the moment, and that is a powerful place to be. You'll naturally bring joy to yourself and others magnifying the feeling of harmony and peace in your life.

To capitalize on this energy, place a healthy plant in the southwest portent of your home.

Family: There is an ebb and flow when it comes to family mattters this month. Think of rivers that run from high to low or the ebb and flow of the ocean. Go with the flow, be open to change, and cherish guidance from elders. This is the best way to cultivate strong roots that blossom into a mighty oak tree.

To build strong roots add a water element to the east portent of your home.

Self-Cultivation: It's time to refine harmony in the world through your works, talents, and skills. Tune in on how life is calling you to make a difference. Moving forward on ideas, projects or a different state of mind requires movement. Reaching out to mentor others is a perfect way to cultivate your intentions and live in clarity.

To activate this energy place strong earth elements in the northeast sector of your home.

For more information about feng shui click here. To study this science click here.

Reduce Radiation

By and large, we are tied to our devices continually connected via phones, tablets, and computers. Albeit may be convenient, it does come with a cost. I've been working with reducing electromagnetic exposure for my feng shui clients since 2002. An essential part of creating a healthy environment is to minimize the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geopathic stress points on the land. Let's hone in on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF's) and radiofrequency (RF). The American Academy of Environmental Medicine concluded there is a strong link between these exposures and disease that impact the brain, heart, and immune system causing cancer, and other health conditions.

Human exposure to these fields has increased dramatically, especially over the past several years. The constant exposure can damage cells causing inflammation, and ultimately if not counteracted, disease. The closer you are to the device combined with exposure time determines the effects on your health.

Symptoms From Exposure:

Symptoms from EMF exposure can manifest in many ways. Early warning signs include difficulty sleeping, brain fog, headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. Additional symptoms include ringing sound in the ears, high blood pressure, stomach discomfort, and hyperactivity especially in children.

Simple Methods to Reduce Exposure:

Here are some simple strategies you can take to reduce your exposure:

  1. Do not sleep with your cell phone on or keep it in your bedroom. Turn it off and place it in another room.

  2. Use a battery operated alarm clock.

  3. Keep all electronic equipment out of the bedroom. If you must have a TV, then make sure you take it off the remote control, encase it in furniture, and keep it 6 feet from the bed.

  4. Turn off your wifi at night.

  5. Incorporate real plants throughout your home. Only 1 in bedrooms and at least 3 feet from the bed.

  6. If you are up for the task, hire an electrician to put in a demand switch that will shut down A/C to all bedrooms and flip it to D/C during the night. When we are sleeping the body is in a repair mode. Therefore, our cells are 200 - 10,000 times more vulnerable to environmental and man-made pollution.

For a more detailed explanation about EMF's , RF's, and geopathic stress impact on your health and what you can do to combat it, read my book The Feel Good Home Feng Shui and Taoism for Healthy Living. In chapter 4, I take a deep dive covering all aspects of earth energies, man-made energies and disease. Click here to visit my publication page. Scroll down to find the Feel Good Home!

Move Your Body & Ground

Follow this short sequence while listening to 432Hz sound frequency and manifest away!

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Happy October!!!


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