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2021 Outlook

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The Yin Metal Ox is an excellent year to consolidate achievements especially from anything started in 2020. The year 2021 will most definitely be a year of hard work, discipline, loyalty, and appreciation of real estate. Being consistent, sticking with a sense of tradition, saving more of your income, and an overall sense of discipline and sticktoitiveness are all qualities to follow in 2021.

It’s a good idea to focus on what is real and concrete instead of getting lost in illusions. Clarity, focus, and finding the right strategy to succeed are additional factors to consider for 2021. You may find you have to prove yourself in business/profession to continue to keep your status amongst your colleagues.

The metal ox represents ethics, righteousness, construction, intuition, and respect for others. It is an archetype energy that places great emphasis on being patient. It is advisable to avoid impulsivity in 2021, especially during the second half of the year.

Yin Metal Element 2021:

Yin Metal rises in 2021. Albeit this is the same element of 2020, it has a softer quality. The aspects of precision, determination, freedom, truth, justice, clarity, and structure are all synonymous with this element. Therefore, Americans, and the world at large, will demand and expect transparency from those who hold positions of authority.

Metal is an element that can be precious or cut like a sword, especially if coerced. Luckily, 2021 is represented by the yin polarity, making it more malleable. However, it is still important to be as precise as possible, especially during the first half of 2021 to avoid cutting behavior from others.

Yin metal also adds the additional qualities of intuition, resistance, and loyalty. Therefore, when it comes to interacting with others, follow your intuition. This is especially important for those in leadership positions, as resistance is likely.

Vantage Point of Yin Metal:

There are many beneficial attributes of yin metal available to everyone this year. Think about how you can put these qualities into action and work for you.

· Think outside the box.

· Be Creative and imaginative.

· Strive to be the best.

· Practice organization.

· Watch ego-driven modalities.

· Be careful of being impulsive.

· People driven leads to success.

· Be impeccable with appearance.

· Accept your need to shine.

· Share talents and skills with the world.

· Don't place great pressure upon yourself.

· Look to be a leader and learn to delegate

· Be well prepared in business.

· Make sure you are well informed and acknowledge your ability to be multi-talented.

These qualities are great to reference in 2021, especially when it comes to business. You may notice these traits from potential clients. This will help you in the long run to navigate your position.

In five element theory, the element of metal represents the season of autumn, a time of harvest. Therefore, any projects you have invested your time, effort, and finances in will pay off ten-fold. Continue to renew your ambitions, seek new perspectives, and success will follow. It is important however to be flexible when it comes to financial transactions, as this is how the yin polarity of metal operates. Avoid direct confrontations especially in financial dealings. Instead, be diplomatic and hone your communication skills. In doing so, you will avert betrayal and intuitively make right moves.

In terms of the loshu grid (feng shui), the metal trigrams encompass intuition, playfulness, leadership, mentoring, travel, and heavenly guidance. More specific to yin metal is intuition, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box. Therefore, it is important to hone these qualities in 2021.


Yin metal flows in for the year 2021. As mentioned, metal is the element of organization, clarity, and precision. Therefore, it is important to maintain your environment with the following tips:

· Organize your living and working environment especially those areas in the western portent.

· Create efficient and ergonomic working systems.

· Remove and repair anything that isn’t functioning properly.

· Pay attention to metal direction rooms (west and northwest), but especially the west as yin metal is associated with that direction. Include earth elements for support to help weak soft metal.


The ox is seen in the open fields and therefore we might see the areas of the country with open plains be impacted by weather patterns that can create disruption with the surface. Held deep within the ox are two hidden elements (yin water and yin metal). These elements can show up as destabilization of the earth and weakening the structure. Therefore, heavy rains and earthquakes can be the result, as both these elements drain or exhaust the integrity of the earth.


In terms of health, the ox year stands for “work” so be mindful of getting plenty of rest and fueling your body with healthy foods. Foods that build the immune system include green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and green tea.

The metal element is associated with the body organ systems of the large intestines, colon, lungs, and skin. Digestive issues can arise this year, so be mindful of food choices. Respiratory illness may also linger a bit in the first half of 2021 when metal rises. However, as the ox contains yin metal hidden stem, the respiratory system can still be at risk in the second half of the year.

The ox also corresponds to the shoulders, arms, and wrists. Be mindful of exercise routines and not over-working these body parts. Since the ox main element is yin earth, then stomach, spleen and pancreas are also vulnerable.

Money, Career and Business:

Conducting business in 2021 is all about being committed and serious. By infusing the aforementioned qualities in business, you’ll receive and gain appreciation from others. Being methodical and reconsidering your priorities is also key, as 2021 will make it more challenging for new products to emerge.

Capitalize on your intrinsic abilities because it will make you more efficient – something the ox energy takes pride in.

Take extra time with clients and colleagues. Pay attention to detail and reward those who deserve to be rewarded. For example, for long-standing clients or those who refer to your company, show them your gratitude with discounts or a simple “freebie.” Likewise, for managers or employees who do stellar work should be recognized with a bonus. The ox energy is going to push for people to work hard. It also likes to be rewarded for the effort put forth.

Agriculture – farming, management, production, renewable energy, and marketing of agricultural industries will do amazing in 2021. You may want to consider investing in stocks related to that industry (livestock, crops, ranching, renewable energy). In addition, the real estate industry will also do well as the ox location on the Lopan compass is in the Northeast portent which corresponds to prosperity with land. This is especially so with purchases near mountainous areas where lakes are usually found. In other words, lake properties will bode well in 2021.

Society and Politics:

In terms of society, there are a few things to make note of. First, as the ox relates to the portent of higher knowledge, it will be important for society to seek truth and come back to a state of order. The trend will be towards justice, law, conservatism, patriotism, and traditional values. Make America Great Again platform of President Donald Trump will live on in the hearts of many Americans. There will be less tolerance for lawless behavior, censorship from Big Tech, or threats of totalitarian rule. The Supreme court may come up against many challenges in 2021, as the deep divide in America escalates.

The ox is known for its authoritative and resolute behavior – one to stick to his guns at all costs. Those in upcoming leadership positions will have to take the “do” or “die” approach to achieve their objectives. There is no such word as “failure” for the ox. Part of the reason why the ox is known for getting things done no matter what is because of great patience and perseverance. It will be important this year that moral support is awarded.

In terms of the loshu feng shui grid, the following areas in our country will pose some issues. The southeast has a very chaotic trigram that essentially can cause Murphy’s law. We may see legal issues with these states from central government. We may also see disruption in banking system especially from countries to our southeast. The southwest may be filled with tension especially when it comes to businesses. They will fight back hard to keep their industries open, to run at full capacity, and to start new ventures. Furthermore, these states will be impacted by an insurgence of noncitizens trying to root their families into the United States. Northern states are more vulnerable to intestinal virus breakouts whereas northwest states will be undermined with cutting words and deception from higher authorities.

Areas in our country that have favorable energy include western, southern and northeastern states. There are plenty of real estate investment opportunities available for literally a "song and dance" in western states. Southern states offer an array of career opportunities, while northeastern states bode well for future real estate income. Do your homework in these areas and you'll gather plenty of positive data. The eastern states are focused on coming back to roots and recognizing the blessings this country represents. We may also see greater attention and strides towards the space program during 2021, as the white star (Qian) resides in the center of the loshu. This trigram does portray travel into higher dimensions.

Taking a trip down memory lane, sixty years ago Nancy Pelosi's father was investigated by the FBI under the instruction of JFK for organized crime. The system of feng shui I am utilizing for this analysis is based on a 60-year cycle. Therefore, Nancy Pelosi just might find herself under investigation this year for questionable affiliations.

The CIA may try to remove dictators from power this year. Those countries in question are China and North Korea. Their attempt may fail just as the CIA failed in 1961 to push Fidel Castro out of power (Bay of Pigs). This all depends on rooting out the corruption in our highest forms of government.

Spiritual Energy:

The ox is a symbol of creativity harnessed, the power of co-creation put to constructive as opposed destructive use. The ox is willing to sacrifice for the good of others and conquer conscious self which rules us.

The strength we see in the ox is not one of brute force, it is sort of an inner strength, mental strength, a will to succeed and strength of character. The ox is capable of tackling extreme challenges and succeeding through their understanding of the need to fight in ways other than direct head-to-head conflict. The power of reason over emotion is the key dynamic here. Interestingly enough, the month of January is also the month of the Ox. The ox can be tamed, just like that of the lion by setting the intellect aside to allow higher spirit to shine through.

The ox is attached to the land. Therefore, the roots of humanity awakens understanding our collective heritage, where we have been, and where we need to go. Primal instincts are linked to spiritual instincts, as one can't exist without the other. Now is the time for the human spirit to awaken and lead us out of the darkness of "untruths" to the light of "truth." Truth is the only way out of bondage and into liberation.

Overall Energy:

The year of Yin Metal Ox is essentially a stabilizing force that can stand the test of adversity. It is a year to work hard, persevere and seek to serve integrity, and to bear the burdens of righteousness. It is a year to abide by the laws of nature and weave your destiny.

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