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Rely on the Principle of Nature

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The month of November awakens the Pig archetype energy. In Feng Shui, this animal resides in the Northwest direction on the LoPan compass representing heavenly guidance, mentors, helpful people, abundance and strength. There is a natural synergy that exists between these attributes and the energetic fields to expand our ability to do the highest good and find the treasure of Grace that lies deep within.

The pig is an animal closely connected to Mother Earth. It has the fortitude and strength to dig deep, root down and find nourishment. Symbolically, this represents going deep within to discover our soul and be nourished by it. The deeper you move within, the easier it is to find the treasures of grace.

Grace is associated with the crown chakra. When humanity collectively transcends the pull of the ego, the attachments to the physical world no longer have a grip on us. This is when the mind softens and the illusions dissolve into a state of reality, the present moment or Nowness.

The Pig's main element is water. This month we think of the depths of the oceans - the living waters held within the earth. Entering the waters is like entering into the original consciousness, the nature behind all things. It represents the Divine or Cosmic mind that is everywhere and everything. It is the Infinite Being.

From this perspective what is little becomes much, weakness becomes strength, doubt becomes faith, disease becomes health, and question becomes belief. Whatever in your life seems deficient, rely on the principle of nature, the original consciousness or infinite spirit that lies within. Move beyond what was into what could be.

The journey through the month of November will test our ability to go with the flow, be creative, take time to go inward and be willing to release old patterns and behaviors that keep us stuck in an unending cycle of doubt and trepidation.