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Rely on the Principle of Nature

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The month of November awakens the Pig archetype energy. In Feng Shui, this animal resides in the Northwest direction on the LoPan compass representing heavenly guidance, mentors, helpful people, abundance and strength. There is a natural synergy that exists between these attributes and the energetic fields to expand our ability to do the highest good and find the treasure of Grace that lies deep within.

The pig is an animal closely connected to Mother Earth. It has the fortitude and strength to dig deep, root down and find nourishment. Symbolically, this represents going deep within to discover our soul and be nourished by it. The deeper you move within, the easier it is to find the treasures of grace.

Grace is associated with the crown chakra. When humanity collectively transcends the pull of the ego, the attachments to the physical world no longer have a grip on us. This is when the mind softens and the illusions dissolve into a state of reality, the present moment or Nowness.

The Pig's main element is water. This month we think of the depths of the oceans - the living waters held within the earth. Entering the waters is like entering into the original consciousness, the nature behind all things. It represents the Divine or Cosmic mind that is everywhere and everything. It is the Infinite Being.

From this perspective what is little becomes much, weakness becomes strength, doubt becomes faith, disease becomes health, and question becomes belief. Whatever in your life seems deficient, rely on the principle of nature, the original consciousness or infinite spirit that lies within. Move beyond what was into what could be.

The journey through the month of November will test our ability to go with the flow, be creative, take time to go inward and be willing to release old patterns and behaviors that keep us stuck in an unending cycle of doubt and trepidation.

The Pig implores us to persevere, have courage, and make right decisions. The Niyama "Tapas" best describes this aspect. It literally translates as having fiery discipline that will burn away the impurities that stand in our way. Releasing these impurities will open the door to your true greatness.

Consciousness is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. Its nature is to expand and unfold its full potential. The impulse to evolve is thus inherent in the very nature of life.

Ground the Root

Feel like you need to get grounded? Be like a tree and connect to your root chakra. Here are 10 simple tips to ground and center yourself: 1. Achor yourself to your environment. It's so important you feel comfortable and connected to your space. Anything you don't like or no longer serves a purpose donate to a local charity. 2. Connect to the earth. Spend time outdoors and walk barefoot on Mother Earth. This simple activity will ground you and calm your nervous system.

3. Be self-reliant and know what your needs and desires are. If you don't take the time to figure out what you want you'll expect someone else to do it for you. Only YOU know what your path is on this earthly journey, so get grounded and forge ahead.

4. Choose a mindset of personal abundance. All too frequently we fall into the trap of scarcity. When you shift your thought process to the principle of nature or cosmic consciousness, abundance is the result. The universe has no idea what scarcity is!

5. Hold crystals and stones that activate and ground the root chakra such as Red Jasper, Hematite or Garnet. Stones are a powerful way to ground your body and mind so you can think clearly and hear your higher self speak.

6. Use your gifts and talents to make your way in the physical world. Let's face it, we all come into the earthly plane to further our soul. Part of this process is to recognize your God given gifts and use them to serve others.

7. Make use of grounding essential oils such as Rosemary, Myrrh, or Sandalwood. Essential oils pack a powerful punch when it comes to increasing the vibration of your environment. This means you'll feel better because you'll be in sync with nature.

8. Infuse root chakra foods into your diet such as rainbow chard, beets, or parsnips. Food has a tremendous impact on our state of being. These foods in particular will have a grounding effect for your mind and body. When we are centered, everything else magically falls into place.

9. Dance and have some fun. The Pig energy this month contains the main element of water. Water is held deep within the basins of the earth. Through the movement of dance, you can ground the root and awaken the sacral chakra. See my video below explaining the water energy for the month of November and the sacral chakra.

10. Take an indulgent bath with essential oils, crystals and candles around the outside. The water element is nurturing. It has a way of pulling you inward so you are able to let go of your busy mind. There is nothing more grounding than a peaceful state of mind.

November Water Chi

The main element contained within the Pig archetype is water. Think of the basins of Mother Earth that holds the depths of the oceans, rivers and lakes. These are the living waters held within the earth.

Entering these waters is like entering into the original consciousness where endless possibilities exist. Here, we are no longer trapped by the small mind that can undermine our soul's mission. Instead, we align to our highest self and experience life as a joyful and fulfilling event. Watch the video below about water energy, the icosahedron platonic solid, and the sacral chakra.

Feng Shui

The month of November welcomes the 2 earth star. Let's find out what areas need attention in your environment this month! East: This is fantastic energy representing future financial growth by honing in on your goals and mission for the month. Add healthy plant to the east.

Southeast: Great energy in the house of finances and fortunate blessing this month. This star brings clarity to career. Capitalize on this energy by placing water element in the southeast.

South: Keep things simple and straight forward when it comes to marketing and networking this month. Take a leadership role and listen to your instincts. Place earth element in the south direction. Grounding stones or quartz crystal would bode well.

Southwest: The best energy for the month when it comes to resources and financial investments. This star loves action/movement. Keep the southwest with bright lighting, strong crystal and moving water.

West: Difficult energy for relationships this month caused by difference in opinion when it comes to finances. Add virtual water and fire element to the west to tame this energy.

Northwest: This is a fast moving energy that enters the house of mentors, helpful people and heavenly guidance. You may find yourself working longer hours to keep up with new ideas and projects. Slow the pace down and make sure you accept assistance from others or a mentor. Add virtual water and fire elements here to balance the energy.

North: This is a cutting energy. You may find gossip or backstabbing between co-workers this month. Listen and communicate at a higher level. Ease this tension with virtual water element in the north.

Northeast: Yikes! This is chaos on top of chaos. This is a tough energy like that of Murphy's Law. It's important to include meditation practice into your day. Cut this negative energy with strong metal element or ring a bell frequently in the northeast.

Center: 2 earth star. Relationships are important to pay attention to this month. This earth star also catapults illness, chest and head congestion. Ease this energy with strong metal element placed in the center of your home.

Learn how to apply feng shui to your environment with simple strategies by clicking here!

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"We become what we think about all day long. This is one of the greatest secrets that so many people are unaware of as they pursue their life's purpose."

__ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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