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Do Not Fear Going Forward Slowly

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only standing still. --Chinese Proverb

There's no doubt there are times when stagnation, procrastination, and moving slowly creeps in. Everyone experiences this from time to time. Unfortunately, what creates the frustration is trying to move like a rabbit when you need to move more like a tortoise.

Moving forward slowly is part of the process. This type of momentum opens the doorway to a period of learning so you can prepare for a full bloom.

Every task you take on is exactly as large as your life and therefore is infinite. If you continue to press on with resilence, patience, determination, and faith you will achieve your heart's desire. But here's the thing, you can't hurry your destiny. It will find you when you are ready. You can't control the outcome either, even though you think you can. This type of mindset is based on fear, insecurity, and attachment.

The 6th spiritual law, or the Law of Detachment is a great paradox in life. Essentially, to acquire anything in this world, you have to relinquish the attachment to it. You don't have to give up your intention to fulfill your desire, or the forward momentum to achieve it, you simply give up your attachment to the outcome.

When you relinguish your attachment to "things," you embrace the wisdom of uncertainty. This is a point where you can be open to what is happening rather than trying to control how things will unfold. You can experience it all, the highs and the lows.

The key to detachment is to consciously release conflict and struggle. Keep your intentions clearly in your awareness while you maintain an attitude of "Thy will be done."

"Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only standing still."

2022 Year of Yang Water Tiger

The Yang Water Tiger year represents dynamic change. You can expect sudden disruptions in career, relationships and home life.

The water tiger is fully charged with 4 elements at their greatest capacity or "yang" polarity. This will account for unforeseen changes and unexpected developments.

New ideas will continue to rise up this year; however, it's more important to shine up the wheel that exists rather than trying to reinvent it. In other words, repack what other businesses are doing and streamline it for your clients.

Yang water flows in for the year 2022. Therefore, it is important to maintain your inner and outer environment with the following tips:

  • Watch for any water leaks or plumbing issues inside the home as well as outdoors. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure it is well-maintained and serviced prior to the winter months.

  • Keep the north portent of your home, office, and property well- maintained. Less is more. Think of it in terms of seeing water flow easily and not dammed due to clutter or excessive vegetation, leaves, etc. on the property.

  • Check for any mold on the house or inside the house, especially in the north portent.

  • Reassess your career sector in your office. Does it represent where you want to be and where you want to go?

  • Check any indoor water fountains and make sure they are clean and running smoothly.

The tiger's primal instincts and strength reminds us to have tunnel vision and focus for our destiny. It is a time to sever the continuous loop of past behaviors that keep you cemented in your comfort zone. It behooves you to write down the areas of your life that you need to focus on by decoding what's important. Define clear goals and milestones so you can lay the seeds of you intentions in the fertile bed of creation. These seeds are in their embryonic state. They require great focus, clarity and attention.

The tiger can be restless and look to pounce in many directions. Patience is essential because there is a tendency to be influenced by what is happening outside "Self." If this happens, the seeds you are planting will not root and grow. Instead, adopt a growth mindset approach by cultivating the need to never stop learning.

The powerful movement of the Yang Water Tiger energy this year will generate dynamic change. Family dynamics can be impacted by this under current. Here are a few things you can do to ground and root during 2022.

  • Spend time in a grounding direction. The best portent is Northeast as it will ground fluxuations in the mind too.

  • Incorporate more earth elements into your environment especially the areas where you are working.

  • Increase your meditation practice.

  • Spend at least 3 hours a week nurturing and cultivating yourself in some way.

  • Root the family portent (East) with strong wood elements.

  • Practice yoga and especially Tree Pose.

The Yang Water Tiger year has many other components that will impact health, relationships, politics and finances. What is most important is how the Yang Water Tiger year will impact YOU personally. That is based on your birth data chart and how the elements will interact and how it will play out in your life.

A small example is to know what element (s) you need to create balance mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually in 2022. I know the element of metal is crucial for me in 2022.

Email me: to discuss a report for you. I am extending my 50% discount on 2022 reports that include a combination of home environment and personal reading reports.


I am a productive proactive doer who takes charge of time to get things done. This is a great mantra to go with on a daily basis. There are some simple things you can do to train yourself as a "doer." Here's a simple list to get you started:

  • Create a to-do list and organize the tasks by priorities.

  • Break down the time-consuming tasks into bite-size chunks.

  • Visualize your to-do list by hanging it up on a wall or using an app.

  • Commit to five minutes each day to complete the tasks even if you do not feel like it. Before you know it, two hours would have gone by.

  • Give yourself permission for rest days and being okay with falling off the wagon. Simply realign and refocus on the remaining days.

  • Ask yourself the following questions everyday:

  1. What is one thing you can get excited about today?

  2. If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is...and why I chose it is...

  3. A situation that might stress me out or trip me up today could be... and the way that my best self would deal with that is...

  4. What is one thing I could do today that is a little outside my comfort zone?

  5. I would know that today was a great success if at the end of the day I did, said, or felt this...



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