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The Essence of Love: Layers of the Human Heart

The Essence of Love: Layers of the Human Heart


Open your heart and discover love onto itself. Every human being consciously or instinctively seeks love – both the receiving and giving of emotional nourishment. Expression of love is the natural emanation of a self-fulfilled heart – an experience we seek in relation to others and with self. It is like the beginning of our creation we need the other to know that we exist. As you delve into the pages of this book allow the authors to take you on an adventure through their inspirations of what they perceive love is. Let the stories and perspectives enrich your heart and spill over to the hearts of all mankind. The Wisdom Buffet Writers are a group with a common thread – Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese Philosophy of living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Universe. This is the fourth of an eight book series, including The Happiness Chronicles – Short Stories and Recipes for a Happy Life, Journey to Health – Living Well from the Inside Out, and Book of Harmony, The Symphony of Living. “We are all endowed with the capacity for love…”

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