Taking a Softer More Flexible Approach

The month of March represents two dynamics. First is the archetype of the Rabbit. Symbolically, the rabbit teaches us to stop, look, and listen so you can avoid difficulties. In many myths and legends, Rabbits act as guides between heaven and earth. As a matter of fact, if you view the rabbit's physical attributes, it represents a prayerful life as it puts its paws in prayer position each time they wash their faces. You can capitalize on their prayerful nature this month by communing with higher self for life guidance. Be silent and quiet the endless chatter of your conscious thoughts, so the Divine can get a word in edgewise.

Rabbits are also sound navigators staying close to the earth. They have a keen sense of where they are even in darkness. It's as if they intuitively know exactly where they are going even in unfamiliar surroundings. This is a tremendous trait to acquire to build your self-confidence while navigating your own path.

Rabbit energy encourages you to be diligent and aware of what is happening at all times. They provide subtle reminders to tune into your instincts so you have time to change direction from a situation that is detrimental. Rabbits are also excellent planners and can escape any situation by creating small holes and caves. The key takeaways here are to learn the importance of trusting your instincts, take time to plan effectively, and always leave yourself with a viable exit route.

The second dynamic for the month of March is the Wind. In feng shui literature, the wind represents the trigram Xun, also known as fortunate blessings. The element of wind or air represents your spirit or soul. It stands for completeness, peace, tranquility, and contentment.

Wind or air is considered one of the four basic elements that make up he substance of the world. Upon the wind rides our intentions, prayers, and disperses seeds to help plants grow and reproduce. It symbolizes the breath of life (Prana/Chi). The wind or air reminds us there is much more to this world then we can see, it also teaches us we must grow and change as the world does likewise.

The combination of the Rabbit and the Wind this month both hold within one another a common element--wood. The polarity of wood this month is yin in nature--a more flexible energy. In other words, trust in a softer approach that can bend with the wind and not snap back at you. In the end, you'll be more productive and effective with your endeavors.

Environment Tips

The wood directions of East and Southeast represent the Rabbit and Wind respectively. Here are a few tips for these areas in and around your environment. --Incorporate water and wood elements (see The Rooms and Realms of Our Homes Publication for full details). --Place healthy viable plants indoors and outdoors in these directions. --Choose healthy strong images/artwork especially for the east direction. --Add "wind" images such as birds or seed head of a money stealer plant to the southeast. --Place anything that represents fortunate blessing to you, especially in the southeast portent. --Follow the cardinal rule; less is more.

--Refresh paint in wood or water color hue. Avoid water hues in kitchens and bathrooms located in these directions.

--Bring wood flooring back to life!

--Set intentions of gratitude for all your blessings.

Vernal Equinox

The month of March also represents the vernal equinox. This is a dynamic time in nature representing the harmonic cooperation of the fertility of the earth in conjunction with the sun in the Northern hemisphere. The ascension of the sun rays influences the rise of the earth's flowers, leaves on the trees, fruits, vegetation and nature's overall New Year! Here are a few simple ideas to celebrate: --Purchase some fresh flowers and create a "nature design" to offer up to Mother Earth with some planned intentions. --Engage in the act of "Spring Cleaning" to remove any negative energy around the home accumulated over the dark winter months. --Get outside and connect with nature. Take a walk, ride your bike or a long hike through the woods. --Start planting your flowers and gardens.

-Prepare a family meal filled with seasonal spring foods.

--Bring spring into your home with fresh flowers and essential oils.

--Meditate and practice yoga to create inner peace and balance.

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