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Mother Earth - Primal Nurturer

Mother Earth is the primal nurturer. She is receptive, strong, and gentle. Together, earth and sky complement one another, and in doing so, foster creation.

     The autumn season is a time to reap the harvest in preparation for the colder months ahead. It is a time to persevere even when things seem impossible. Mother Earth teaches us to be open to a solution then one will be presented as the earth follows heaven's time and heaven's time helps the earth. If we yield to the earth and treat Her with kindness unlimited abundance is ours.

     The natural contractive force during this season impacts human behavior. There is an underlying desire to serve all life forms unconditionally as higher self awakens. It is the inward momentum that calls us to take time away from distractions and tap into inner resources.

What Can We Learn:

     There are several lessons Mother Earth puts forth especially this time of year. Love and respect is a big one. Think about it, the earth has respect for all who live upon her. There is no part of her that is greater than the other. All is one and perfect.

     Gaining wisdom and having courage are also lessons to behold. The greatest sages known to man walked upon the earth. In their very footsteps lies the wisdom to be shared with all. The earth doesn't falter when shaken. Every day She provides for all without compromise. We too must work through the difficult times and defend what is right, what we believe in, and be a part of this world.

     Seeking the truth is yet another lesson the earth presents. The earth is always true to itself. It does not seek to destroy. If we are true to self first then it will be easy to be true to others.